Friday, March 22, 2013

The Nixon Abides

The Nixon Abides

This weekend is the famed Lebowski Fest L.A.. A time when all the little Lebowski achievers come together and watch The Big Lebowski together in a concert venue. The tradition has been happening for many many years now and it's not stopping soon. Though the biggest celebs you will find going to this are usually the C-listers who never amounted for much after the film's release. Then again, the film sort of tanked in the box office.

It wasn't till much later did this now cult classic just, mellowed out, man. But still, let's take a moment to look at Nixon bowling with some Lebowski music playing in the background.

I mean, the dude would totally abide this since he had a poster of Nixon bowling on his wall. You can even say it helped tie the room together.

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