Wednesday, September 19, 2018



Something you should know - Costco has a website. I mean, it's some website indeed. If you want to order a month's worth of rations, well sir. You can get it there. If you were in the market to buy a Mustang themed pool table. Man, does have some amazing $11,000 pool table needs to take care of you with.

Their website has some really weird problems though. Like, it used to always link me to the Canadian Costco despite my US settings and being closer to the other boarder. They also do offer free shipping, but you'll notice that the price of the item has increased over the price of what you will see it at in store.

On top of that, the website has a lot of items that the store simply won't carry. Much like that Mustang themed pool table. So in many senses, the website can be a little janky and clunky. though.. now that shit is goddamn amazing.

The last minute cruise deals are pretty fucking amazing. Being near a port, the Alaska cruise terminals just down the 110 freeway means that you can make a decision on Thursday or Friday for a quick week off on vacation on the real cheap. 

On top of that, Costcotravel covers you in ways like only a condom does. Shit is strapped on so tight and well, okay, let me start this over cause this got really strange, really fast. Costcotravel really does go out of its way to make sure your trip is top tier quality. You can rent cars through them and it has full protection and coverage on anything that happens to it.

Basically, Costco travel is some awesome stuff and you should be using.  Man, Costco needs to start paying me for this paid content.

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