Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Comic Con 2011 Just Doesn't Want Your Money

Comic Con 2011 Just Doesn't Want Your Money

But Javier, why are you talking about next year's comic con so early? Why, I'll tell you Billy. It's because Comic Con International has made it so exclusive next year that no one is invited! That's right. No one!

You see, no one can get tickets for it. Originally con registration was suppose to be opened up on November 1st. A bit later than last year, but hey, around that time last year is when tickets sold out on this much popular event. So they pushed back the date on when you could start buying tickets. Only problem was that on November 1st, the site taking the registration process crashed. And I mean it crashed and burned in a way only a Nascar fan could enjoy.

They then decided to close down the possibility of registration for three weeks while they took care of the problems that made the site crash on the 1st. You know, to make sure that they could handle such a massive amount of people at one time. So now registration was going to be open on the 22nd of November. Today.

Guess what happened....

Yeah, that three week time frame to make sure it was well prepared to handle the massive amount of people jumping on the website at the same time was just not what they thought it would be and the site took a massive dump. Might I add that the name of the registration site company is called EPIC. Maybe they should consider a name change.

Now the Comic Con website has the following message under a huge red banner of REGISTRATION IS CLOSED:
"Once more, unfortunately, there have been issues with Comic-Con registration. So we have again decided to close it down. We are well aware that many people have taken time from work, school or other activities and others woke up very early. There really is no way to convey our level of regret for this turn of events. We are currently researching our registration options."
Here's a solution.. you don't need to hype the sells of your tickets. It would be like the local prostitute saying she can only take customers from 6:31 to 6:40 on Thursdays. Guess what's going to happen.. Everyone is going to come at that time... ugh, that's a terrible image. Okay, sorry about that. Ugh. Get it out of my mind!

But you get the point, there's no need to make an already popular event even more sought after. Wait for the actual event to start shattering nerds dreams and getting them frustrated. You're starting too soon, Comic Con.

Oh, I can't wait till Hotel reservations start forming... Ha!

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