Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rock The Vote

Rock The Vote

You know what today is? It's WE-DON'T-CARE-TUESDAY! Yup. That's right, we have the ability to kick out the old bums and put in the new bums! It's really important to make sure to get folks out to the polls to vote... but first, the people need to know where they can vote.

If you're a registered voter, you can find your spot to vote with this handy link showing you where to vote. So while I got the helpful information out to you, let's get down to my good ol' fashion cynicism.

On to the big one - Who replaces Arnold? Meg Whitman vs Jerry Brown. You have Meg, who hasn't voted a single time in the last 20+ years. She's mainly there for a stepping stone to attempt to be President for some odd reason.

Jerry Brown was governor and did a fairly decent job running a surplus and living on the cheap as he was in office. He has a fairly bad track record in his other runs as mayor of Oakland and getting stuff done, but that could have been other factors.

Just remember that whatever you vote for, it's probably just going to be more of the same. Brown or Whitman - It seems like a lose/lose situation to me, though I guess I'm voting for Brown because I hate Meg Whitman more and she ruined ebay.

So what else is there on the books?
Proposition 26
Requires that certain state fees be approved by two-thirds vote of Legislature and certain local fees be approved by two-thirds of voters. Increases legislative vote requirement to two-thirds for certain tax measures, including those that do not result in a net increase in revenue, currently subject to majority vote.
Why what do you know, someone brings up a perfectly good solution to all of California's problems... No taxes. No taxes at all!

WHAT?! Yes, that's right. Why didn't anyone think of this earlier? California will now be solvent thanks to the traditional book keeping compromise tactic of "making up money that doesn't even exist". It's really straight from the play book of not giving a shit about what you leave for the next guy in office.

"Here you go, have fun with that, Mr next Governor" seems to be the best tactic any leaving governor has ever learned. And don't think it's just a California thing. Every state is defeered to the next official, who spends his entire time in office trying to figure out how he's going to pass the buck along to the next guy who comes in.

The only difference is California has taken it to the next level and made an art form out of the mess. But that's because California is really like three or four states in itself. It's got massive cities and massive crowds in them. L.A. has more of a populous than all but 8 states in the union. Just think about that and you'll stop wondering why traffic is so bad.

The next big question.. which I'm guessing is the only real question that most of you actually cares about is... How is that weed vote going to do?

Going into this election it was trailing on some polls and leading in others. Over all it's been one of those that gets hated on or extreme support for.. and in ways you would be surprised about. NPR did a thing on how hippies hate it because it will ruin weed diversity and the corporatization of it will just kill their buzz.

Pot farmer oppose it because... well, let's be honest, it would bring down the profit margins of it to such low levels that it would be like slaughter your cow when everyone can get the milk for free from somewhere else.

Will it help in bringing in new tax revenue to the system? Yeah. But then again, that's after a long battle in the courts as the feds will more than likely fight it and file a lawsuit against California over it.

I do wonder if it is legalized, would a lot of tobacco companies attempt to get in on the market? I don't think they would want to be associated with it because it could harm their brand images.. You know, the image of cancer sticks.

Leading up to this election had one interesting tv moment though. It was when Zach Galifianakis smoked a joint on television.

And in case you're wondering, Bill Mahr did not take a puff, just goes to show you that he's exactly the pussy failure you come to expect him to be.

There was two huge neocons from Fox News and a guy from msnbc on there.. I was hoping they would take a hit, but sure enough they didn't. It's funny to see how awkward the conservative dudes get.

I guess it was ballsy and cool, but it was really awkward looking and he seemed afraid and nobody else partook. Like you could see it in his eyes that he was hoping for a good ol' fashion smoke out.

It wasn't too dangerous for him. If you're white then getting caught smoking a joint isn't that dangerous really. Imagine if he was black though... He's also probably got a medical card anyway, so if he even broke a law it would be against smoking in a non smoking area or something.

There was a study done in England which ranked the most harmful drugs around which resulted in the champion being alcohol over heroin, weed and ecstasy.
"Researchers analyzed how addictive a drug is and how it harms the human body," according to the Associated Press, "in addition to other criteria like environmental damage caused by the drug, its role in breaking up families and its economic costs, such as health care, social services, and prison."

The study did seem pretty flawed in that alcohol is the one that is more commonly used and legal, so no shit that it's going to be the most damaging... it's easier to get! It's like that study that showed you would most likely get into an accident near your home. Well of course, that's where you statistically spend more of your time and so the chances of you getting hurt near it increase.

Both weed and alcohol are worthless. The greatest feeling is holding a loved one in your arms, and mushrooms. Okay, mainly just the mushrooms. They can make you trip some crazy balls. I dated this one girl who spent a lot of time in Colorado and man, that must be the shroom capital of the world as there is a lot of crazy people there who drop mushrooms like AT&T drops calls.

So yeah. what was I talking about? Dave's not here, man. You should get out and vote today. It may be a worthless effort, but it's your civic duty to make your voice heard to the masses... one hole punch at a time.

I guess you can look at the other props here..

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