Saturday, November 20, 2010

Watching The Financial Crisis Sink With Style - Old Bank Ads

Watching The Financial Crisis Sink With Style - Old Bank Ads

Even though I know full well working in Television that the sole purpose of programing is to deliver commercials, I do find most of them comical, if not offensive. You see, I work for the Television industry and I loath myself. Why do you think the characters in Mad Men drink all the time? You would to if your business was lying to people.

Then you mix in another scummy industry - Banking, and you got yourself a combination that is total shit. It's pretty comical to look back to the past and see how shitty the ads were and how funny they are in the wake of the current economic situation we are going through right now.

WaMu may not have known where to find good financial talent, but they sure had an eye for casting directors!

If only those fans were holding pitch forks and torches. Yeah, now that would be an accurate ad.

The next ad is yet another WaMu one. I like to point those out because.. well, let's just say WaMu pissed me off so much with their fees. But hey, were they very helpful with giving people who otherwise didn't deserve it a loan!

That in no way came back to bite them in the ass. But the best ads were the ones making fun of the "stupid old bank practices". I mean, yeah.. those ancient fools don't know shit about banking. How did they survive....

Man, that's sticking it to the Bankers! I bet that black guy really pissed off some white conservatives. No wonder it was so cut through when CHASE bought them out and gave them the finger.

Those stodgy old bankers operated under regulations that made them unable to ruin the world economy in 5 years. Bring back the good ol' days.

I could watch these all day. I know there are way more like highlighting how stupidly easy it is to get a home loan. Like this next one for Country Wide Home Loan

Damn! Lost another loan to Ditech!

That just shows you why we're in the mess that we are in. My favorite story from WaMu employees is how one person was told by their loan-supervising boss to accept, as proof that someone makes $75,000 a year being a mariachi, a picture of that person in a mariachi outfit in front of a house.

There was a delusional guy at work who always gave people bad financial advice and then he bought tons of WaMu stock like, right as they tanked and he thought he was going to get so rich when they bounced back. Ah, that was a good laugh.

You now have to submit blood samples to get a home loan. Thanks to all those poor fuckers who bought homes they couldn't afford and then got themselves fired from their shitty jobs.

Though I have to point out the one commercial I never got and one that I blame for the mentality that most people have these days. That is that if a place doesn't take credit cards then it's a total waste. Cash only? What the fuck!

Do you use currency? Then FUCK YOU! Every time I go to get a smoothie everyone pays with a card and I get a glare for using cash. I don't fucking get it. Why the hell would you not have $5 on your persons at all times? Is it really bad to carry a $20 on you in case you want a small snack? I don't even carry my credit card around with me because I work with a lot of magnetic equipment. That and I don't like the temptation of spending money I should otherwise save.

So there you have it. Some old banking commercials that highlight why we're in the financial situation we are in and why I'm completely laughing about it.

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