Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama's War

Obama's War

Hope... that you could believe in. Man, do you remember that young senator who rode in on such a parade of the backs of the youthful vote planning to shake things up after eight years of incompetent leadership and a personal war campaign?

Cause the man I see in front of us, regardless of birth certificate or anything like that, seems like a completely different person than the one we elected. I mean, did you see Obama's speech addressing the anti-air bombardment of Libya? I was literally shocked that this was the same person who even used the word HOPE and CHANGE.

It has only taken him two weeks of concentrated bombing against a sovereign nation for him to go on TV and tell us why he gave the go-ahead to do such actions.

I'm wondering when Obama is going to invade other African nations with dictators? You know... that don't actually have any oil.

I mean, did he actually say this? I must be delusional on this aspect.
"Wherever people long to be free, they will find a friend in the United States."
You know, unless you're Chile, Vietnam, Indonesia... He's completely correct in saying that Libya's wealth belongs to its people.. you know, BP, Shell, Exxon and Gazprom. I kind of want to point out and ask how many civilians died in the past two weeks in Afghanistan over

I mean, hasn't he already promised to end those war..... oh wait, you mean the new wars. Told you it made sense. Obama didn't actually say anything about Afganistan during his campaign. In fact, it was all about withdrawing from Iraq and whatever else.

He kept on with campaign promises that he would get troops out of Iraq and put more troops in Afghanistan. That was literally one of his campaign promises. Throughout the entire election season, Obama's standpoint was that we needed to stop fucking around in Iraq and get back to fighting the Important war in Afghanistan...

What that important war is or the why to it? I still have no fucking idea. But he made absolutely no effort to hide that, either. He was quite open about his desire to expand the war in Afghanistan and we all still elected him.

I guess I can understand Barry's logic on this one. GWB won in 2004 after invading Iraq. So he'll be pushing that we're at war and you can't change horses midstream. Gotta steer the course, Heck of a job, Barry! Otherwise I have literally no idea what he could possibly run on during the 2012 campaign.
Obama 2012
He's not so bad!
I guess he could pull out the trump card that the Dems seem to run in 2006, 2008 and 2010. "I may not be great, but would you rather have a republican be in charge? That's what I thought!"

But so far the campaign promises Obama has kept are pretty simple:
-Escalating the "Good war"
-Get that puppy
Compare that to the list of promises he hasn't kept and all but dropped already or has completely let us down on stance for....
-Didn't immediately return the Nobel Peace Prize.
-Has otherwise given up closing Gitmo up.
-Has predator drones over pakistan
-Created and implemented a half assed HCR
-Financial "reform" is a complete joke
-Literally flipped the finger to the Gulf Coast by just letting BP and BHO slide on all this
-Doesn't give two shits about revolutions in the middle east.
-Extended the Bush tax cuts.. why? Why the fuck not, right?
-Is completely unable to stand up to Republicans.
But by now I don't expect anyone else to be mad at him. I figure that outrage fatigue has set in faster for him than it did for Bush. And to be honest, it's mostly because people were worn out by the end of Bush, they let themselves get the slightest thought that it might be different. Then watched that dream get crushed like a crippled Spartan infant about 3 months into the whole presidency.

Now they're saying that NATO is going to take up the majority of the work. Want to see some of NATO's style? Here's a short video short in the former Serbian Army Head Quarters in Belgrade, that was bombed in 1999 by the NATO.

Yup.. so NATO sure knows how to leave... toys behind.

In short, fuck this act of aggression. It's seriously stupid and it's just more proof as to why the American dream is completely dead.

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