Saturday, October 1, 2011

All In All It's Just Another Brick In The Wall

All In All It's Just Another Brick In The Wall

I'm sure you are aware of the most recent riots that occurred in England. Oh how crazy and chaotic it was. Clearly those Brits need to do something about keeping their kids in line somehow. The answer to how exactly are you going to teach them youngin's to not step out of line is up in the air. Though it looks like Michael Gove is slackening the rules on use of physical force in schools..
Education secretary seeks to stem 'erosion of adult authority' by recruiting former male soldiers to the classroom

Ministers are scrapping a requirement for teachers to record instances when they use physical force, as part of a wider move to "restore adult authority" in the wake of the riots in England.

The education secretary, Michael Gove, said that he wanted greater numbers of men teaching, particularly in primary schools, so as to provide children with male authority figures who could display "both strength and sensitivity".


He said: "So let me be crystal clear, if any parent now hears a school say, 'sorry, we can't physically touch the students', then that school is wrong. Plain wrong. The rules of the game have changed."

Gove said men considering teaching were deterred by a fear of rules that made contact between adults and children "a legal minefield".

The government was planning to start a programme this autumn encouraging former members of the armed forces to take up teaching, specifically to ensure more male role models, Gove said.
I knew Pink Floydd wouldn't lie to me on this very subject matter. Why yes indeed, all in all, we're just another brick in the wall. A brick you get to beat the ever living shit out of if you speak out of line.

Why yes, this is clearly the step in the right direction to provide children with male authority figures who could display "both strength and sensitivity"... If I haven't said it enough, I'll say it again. England is a bad country.

When I was a kid I read Roald Dahl's autobiography about his childhood at English boarding schools. I'll never forget the passages where he went into detail about the beatings they used to inflict on 8-12 year old boys.

They do realize that the more you tighten your fingers, the more systems will slip through their fingers. I think Gandhi said that. Fuckin' Gandhi. That guy was alright. Anyway, here's another little snipet that I had to chuckle about.
Brian Lightman, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, welcomed Gove's statement concerning the use of force against pupils.

He said: "ASCL is delighted that the secretary of state has responded to our advice with the wise decision not to proceed with these regulations. The requirement would have imposed yet another bureaucratic burden that did nothing to improve discipline or safeguard children."
I say god damn! You know, when my parents were young and they attended school in the fifties, they got beat the ever living shit out of. I'm not going to say "and that's how he became the man who he is today."

Bullshit. Whenever someone says that I typically want to slap them. Or at the very least beat them. Tit for Tat, right? But the point I'm trying to make is that these kids grew up to be who they are IN SPITE of having to deal with the constant fear of getting an ass whooping from their instructors. There was nothing good about the "good ol' days"

Even America banned beating kids in schools. AMERICA for gods sakes. We're the nation that still has the electric chair and yet we banned the act of hitting kids. I do have to admit that I did go to catholic school during High School and one thing that was a constant in how others viewed my education was that it had to have been filled with constant ruler slapping and getting my ass kicked by nuns.

I'm not sure if these people were just so used to accepting the idea that a teacher can beat the living shit out of a kid for speaking the lords name in vain or something, but that's how they always approached me on the subject.

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I hope boarding schools don't use a paddle anymore.