Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blackwater - Proof Video Games Rot Your Brain

Blackwater - Proof Video Games Rot Your Brain

I'm not the gamer I once was but I do like to keep my ear to the ground on what the kids are playing these days. Now this one sort of surprised me that it was still being made.... wait, no. Let me rephrase that since I should have known better.

But I had assumed that they had abandoned the making of the Black Water game as I hadn't seen or heard anything about it for a while. But then this video surfaced and well, let's just say it's pretty fucked.

It's really amazing that several times in the video it looked like the player gunned down an unarmed civilians - It's a whole new level of realism.. Kicking the door down and shooting a dude who doesn't have a gun right in the face. Yup, that seems like pretty realistic game design on all this.

So what's the word on this?
LOS ANGELES (AP) — In the world of video games, realism reigns supreme, but the makers of a game based on the infamous private security firm Blackwater are intentionally steering clear of it.

There's no blood, the enemies are fictional and civilians can't be killed. With no moral dilemmas in "Blackwater," it's simply a matter of shoot — or be shot.

"It's a game," said Erik Prince, the company's founder. "This is not a training device. This is not a simulator. We're not doing this to teach folks how to conduct military operations in an urban terrain. That's not it at all. This is more along the lines of kids running around their neighborhood playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians."
You know, for the kids... By god, what the fuck.

Pess X to deny allegations.
Press Y to hide in political red tape.
Lobbyism LEVEL 5 - Increased resistance to negative media portrayal.

Reminder, the company changed their name to XE to get rid of the connotations of Blackwater, but now they're just saying fuck it and marketing a game explicitly as Blackwater. Maybe it's just that XE is very hard to make puns with.

I guess it's just that Erik Prince is funding the game and he's not at XE anymore anyway, but he has the rights to the Blackwater name. That and well, I guess they just don't give a fuck.

Keep in mind that a game literally about 50 cent rampaging through the middle east and destroying entire villages without giving a shit even had the foresight to make Blackwater a villain.

But hey, maybe that's the point of all this. Maybe game developers should be actively working towards making a shooter game that makes all the players quit in disgust. 3D Realms understood this when making Duke Nukem Forever.

Maybe if kids have been inundated with children screaming as their guts spill out of their stomach being standard in war games. Otherwise shit like this just make Blackwater a sort of zombie apocalypse survival group that just went horribly wrong.. or right, I guess it depends on your view point on the subject.

In reality, it's probably better off for you to sign up and go over there than play the game at home. Did you know that more people died on America's roads than in Iraq? This is all things that your local recruiter will tell you! Trust them, why would they lie to you?

It just makes me sad. Partially because the game glorifies this truly criminal gun for hire group, but maybe also because a game like this could only be realistic enough if you actually portrayed Blackwater as the people they really are. You know, the type to rape a woman and lock her in a shipping container and when she calls for help with her cellphone, you ban employees from having cellphones. All this while dozens of republcan senators try to pass a bill legalizing rape of your fellow employees..

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