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Soda - Not For Woman Anymore

Soda - Not For Woman Anymore

So an American firm launched a new soft drink containing 10 calories, because apparently men do not think zero-figure diet alternatives are "manly". But to appeal to men, Dr. Pepper made its TEN drink different from Diet Dr. Pepper. It has calories and sugar and will be wrapped in gunmetal gray packaging material.

In short, Dr. Pepper is unveiling a "Manly" Soda.
Skip the beer: Dr Pepper’s new soda, Dr Pepper 10, is “not for women,” according to its new advertisements. The 10-calorie soda isn’t the first diet drink to target men; Coke Zero and Pepsi Max are also aimed at male consumers. But it is the most aggressive: in addition to the slogan, “It’s not for women,” the soda comes in a gunmetal can decorated with bullets; its advertisements include snake wrestlers and laser guns; and on its Facebook page you can visit a digital shooting gallery where you take aim at female products—lipstick, high heels, etc.

Ha! Sorry grandma, You can't have that can of soda. It's just for men! **tosses empty Dr. Pepper 10 can on the floor, explodes like a grenade and a spontaneous football game suddenly breaks out**

I have to admit, I was sort of laughing when I saw the following commercial while watching Spike TV for some reason. But you know, it's a manly network, so fuck it, check it out.

Guess you're just going to have to deal with it, ladies cause I'm going to grab a suitcase full of these and hang out with my bros. Dudes only. We'll drink this all night and be bros together. Maybe even do hug it out, bitches. But it's cool cause we're dudes, fuck yeah! A fuckin' soda made just for guys!! How god damn manly is that?? Just a simple TEN MANLY MOTHER FUCKIN' CALORIES! No more, No less.

And women, you best watch yourself. If you consumed at least 1 of those manly calories, your vagina would grow into a massive throbbing cock and you'd finally get paid an equal pay for equal work.

I probably should show more anger towards the advertisement but then again, Miller Light ads and other beer ads are even more sickeningly disgusting at this whole idea of calling you out on being not a fagot. Beer ads have been doing this for a long time now.

I guess the only difference between Miller and Dr. Pepper is one is more honest about it. But maybe there should be more manly things. How about a manly cooking show for a change:

Over all, I consider manliness to be synonymous with acting like a shithead. Then to even dare suggest that a diet soda can somehow be manly or even take some gender role or gender specification to begin with is like a double whammy of product-flogging insecurity gone to a whole new level.

Though this isn't the first time something like this has come about. Nestle's Yorkie bars were already advertising themselves with the slogan "it's not for girls"

Maybe I'm just confused about the gendering of food as simple as fucking nourishment in our culture. It's all over the place in fast food marketing.

Why yes, reclaim your masculinity with deep-fried chicken, frozen ice-cream treats and sugary sodas. You'll be reincarnated viking warrior in no time!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm starting to get really angry about all this. And if you're like me, you can send your hate to Dr. Pepper here, Or you can be pretty creative with your FUCK YOU to Dr. Pepper and make videos like the following:

Janine browsed through the shelf at the small grocery store on her corner. There it was, again. A cold can of Dr. Pepper 10 in the old refrigerator. She knew the rules. She knew what it meant. She hesitated for a few seconds. Then she took it out, walked quickly towards the cash register and handed the change she had already prepared in her hand. She got outside and walked into the alley. Breaking the seal, she gulped down the tart liquid. She could feel the estrogen draining away. Her chest started to contract and the fat in her cheeks dissipated. She tried to scream but her quiet voice arced from shrill to deep. She plunged her hand down her pants and felt the dangling penis. Today was Day Zero. Things would be different now.

Sexism will exist in marketing forever and ever. It is inherent in capitalism. Though I really have to question her wardrobe choice for said video. I mean, maybe if you didn't want sexism to persist you would choose clothing that wasn't created due to treating women as sexual objects to begin with? Just sayin'.

Though this quest to manliness isn't a new one at all. Even Disney acknowledges it.

Essentially this just has the perfect marketing to it. Guys will try it because it is funny and woman will try it because they are told that it's not for them. Though I'm left wondering on which type of guy this will actually have that effect on. I generally stay away from sodas because of the calories and sugar involved in drinking them but man, if they ever made water for men, I'll be on that shit so fast.

Here's what will end up happening. Many groups will catch wind of this marketing madness, calling for a boycotts, etc. Thereby drawing even more people to pay attention to the new 10 calorie Dr. Pepper and then the advertising will change from the all manly men to the now it's for everyone bullshit. Sales of four loko shot up as soon as people started to die from it. I'll be honest, I bought a couple at that point as well.

I have to wonder why if these marketing campaigns ever worked, why Americans are still on average fatter then most? Oh, I know why - Cause while you're on a diet you choose to drink 10 calorie diet sodas instead of fucking water!

So yeah, Dr. Pepper is fully aware of the negative attention it will get and are inevitably preparing for the fallout, and bounce recovery to boost in sales. Besides that, everyone knows that women only drink Diet Coke anyway. No way they'd want Dr. Pepper to begin with.

On a final note, I hope you all realize that this is just mainly a way to get corn back into the soda of diet purchasers. We put corn in literally everything because we can't grow any other crops besides corn and soybeans.

So at the very least they choose men to sell the new drink with the extra poison to. They could have done some sort of "sugar and spice" bullshit about the added sweetness and tagged it along with a whole "You work hard as a woman, spoil yourself with a Mrs. Pepper while you lounge in your bubble bath" campaign.

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