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FBI Stops An FBI Terrorist Attack

FBI Stops An FBI Terrorist Attack

Remember that movie Minority Report, where the thought police pick you up before you commit a crime. Well, it seems like reality is a little bit like that, only now we're the ones planting those stupid crimes in your mind in an effort to keep a steady pay check going hunting down terrorist.
US authorities on Wednesday arrested and charged a Massachusetts man with plotting to damage or destroy the Pentagon and US Capitol by using remote-controlled aircraft filled with plastic explosives.

Rezwan Ferdaus, 26, a US citizen, was also charged with attempting to provide support and resources to the al Qaida group in order to carry out attacks on US soldiers stationed overseas, US attorney's office in Boston said. He was caught in an undercover operation.

"The conduct alleged today shows that Mr. Ferdaus had long planned to commit violent acts against our country," US Attorney Carmen Ortiz said in a statement. The public was never in danger from the explosive devices, which were controlled by undercover FBI employees, she said.

Authorities allege that Ferdaus, a physics graduate from Northeastern University in Boston, began planning to commit a violent "jihad" against the United States in early 2010.

Ferdaus, of Ashland, Massachusetts, about 25 miles (40 km) west of Boston, is alleged to have modified mobile phones to act as electrical switches for improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
He supplied the phones to the undercover FBI agents, who he believed were members of, or recruiters for, al Qaida.

"During a June 2011 meeting, he appeared gratified when told his first phone detonation device had killed three US soldiers and injured four or five others in Iraq.
Ferdaus responded, "That was exactly what I wanted," the federal affidavit said.
Ferdaus told agents he planned to attack the Pentagon using "small drone airplanes" filled with explosives and guided by GPS equipment. He later expanded that plan to include an attack on the US Capitol.

"In May and June 2011, Ferdaus delivered two thumb drives to the UCs (undercover agents), which contained detailed attack plans with step-by-step instructions as to how he planned to attack the Pentagon and Capitol," authorities said.

Ferdaus traveled to Washington to conduct surveillance and take photographs of his target, and identified sites at East Potomac Park, near the Capitol, from which he planned to launch his explosive-filled aircraft.

Ferdaus' arrest came immediately after he took possession of various weaponry from the undercover agents - including explosives, grenades and AK-47 assault rifles - and brought them to and locked them in his storage unit.
Just so you have things straight, this guy gave them some mobile phones and USB sticks, and they gave him bombs and machine guns. Leaving aside the fact that an attack on the Pentagon would not only be a good thing, and would unarguably be a legitimate act of war, there is no way this guy would have had the means to carry out such an attack if he hadn't been prompted, informed, incited and supplied by the FBI.

But hey, chalk up another victory for the government in this war on terrorism.

Hey kids! Do you hate America? Want to blow up America with a bomb? I have a bomb for you! It's a really big bomb, but only you can make it blow up. I have the bomb, and really want to blow up America too, but I can't blow it up. You have to do it. But don't worry, I can show you how it's done.. and you can do it for me!

But hey, maybe we should be thanking the FBI on this one. They saved America from a learning disabled part-time fry cook wannabe terrorist. I'm just not keen on the authorities arresting people for thought crimes, or more to the point crimes that the authorities helped them commit, with the intention of arresting them for it. That's all sorts of fucked up.

There was also a very similar case in Portland some time last year. Some kid was contacted by the FBI posing as Al-Qaeda. They armed him, taught him how to make the explosives, supplied him with a van and even paid his rent for six months. Then when he drove the van downtown to set the bombs off, it turned out they were duds and he got arrested. Everyone praised the victorious boys in blue and the FBI for their cunning and clever tactics in taking down these home grown terrorist.

You have to wonder a little bit since you hadn't really heard of any of these sort of operations during the Bush years. It may very well just be a way for democrats to show that they aren't soft on terrorism or something, as well as hoping to placate the masses and assuage fear by making up threats and then beating them before they happen.

You cant' really blame these kids for getting sucked into this world. I mean, some guy on the street says that he's maybe with Al-Qaeda and maybe he can hook you up with some guns and bombs. What are you gong to do? Say no? Besides, who ever heard of a thing called entrapment?

In the case that happened in Portland the defense attorney for the dumb kid claimed it was entrapment. But then the prosecution claimed it wasn't because they 'suggested other options' such as prayer and fasting, however this alleged conversation where they did all that suggesting is literally the only phone conversation they didn't record.

You have to wonder that even if it's not entrapment, helping a dude rack up offenses so you can charge him with more is not a good way of stopping crime, I do believe. You essentially put up a big ole' false dichotomy between completely ignoring potential bombings and making someone believe you are genuinely helping them with it. Lying to someone so they'll share their plans is one thing, but materially assisting them to the point of fruitation and then charging them for that is another thing altogether.

And maybe this is entrapment. Maybe it's not. The way I figure it, if I'm keeping a few FBI agents busy following me around, that's one less fed watching out for someone who might commit an actual crime.

You realize that one of these days they're going to be misled that they are stringing along some slow kids, and after they arm him and prepare for the sting, that kid and the thousands of dollars in armaments and explosives knowledge are just going to *POOF* and disappear into the aether.

Oh wait, this literally already happened with the Mexican drug gangs..

A federal operation that allowed weapons from the U.S. to pass into the hands of suspected gun smugglers so they could be traced to the higher echelons of Mexican drug cartels has lost track of hundreds of firearms, many of which have been linked to crimes, including the fatal shooting of a Border Patrol agent in December.
And in case you want some closure in your stories, some of them have just been found back in the U.S.

Reporting from Washington—
A cache of assault weapons lost in the ATF's gun-trafficking surveillance operation in Phoenix turned up in El Paso, where it was being stored for shipment to Mexico, according to new internal agency emails and federal court records.

Forty firearms along with ammunition magazines and ballistic vests were discovered in The Great Shit Wastes in January 2010 during the early stages of the program, meaning the firearms vanished soon after the program began.
Side note - This is only a small fraction of over 1400 guns and all the ammo that we handed over to them for the purpose of this sting that never happened.

It's as if they were essentially..... no wait, it is actually the government subsidizing terrorism. Just imagine how sweet it would be to be a terrorist in America today. It's like Obama's jobs program is working.

The whole notion that the FBI is by far the no. 1 perpetrator of terrorist plots against the U.S. is rather telling about this whole war on terrorism. And even if someone broke every law on the books, the point that they did so with the FBI using every law to trap the man who would otherwise not participate in anything, as a victory for "anti-terrorism" efforts just screams stupidity all around.

All in all, this is all certainly reprehensible and in any just world, we wold see the perpetrators (the agents not their target) hung. I'm pretty sure that it's only not entrapment in the broken hellholes like the U.S.

Besides that, who gives a shit about terrorism anymore? Seriously, whatever.

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