Thursday, October 20, 2011

Muammar Comin'

Muammar Comin'

I really wanted to write a long piece about Qaddafi before he kicked the bucket because I wanted to use that line from The Wire. But then he went and got himself not captured and killed and so here we are....

And where are we exactly? Well, it's amazing that in this modern day of technology, people still don't know what the fuck is going on.

First reports were saying from Aje that he was killed in a gun battle, and neither the U.S. state department nor Nato were confirming his death. Then a Pro-Gaddafi television website denied those reports that the strongman had been killed or captured.
"The reports peddled by the lackeys of NATO about the capture or death of the brother leader, Muammar Gaddfi, are baseless," said Al-Libiya television. Gaddafi "is in good health," it added. Reports Gaddafi was killed or captured "are nothing but rumours."

"It is not the first time they resort to this kind of disinformation," the report said.
But then Libyan TV channel "Libya lil Ahrar"also said that Gaddafi was in custody, along withhis son Mutassim and other top aides. So all this just makes one pour one out for my homie Qaddaffy Duck.

I was waiting for reports to come in that Moammar died Scarface style... possibly being totally badass and what not with lines of coke. But that idea was shattered sooner rather than later as the video surfaced showing Gaddafi being captured alive, but then he ended up being dead?

Jpost said that he was killed in an air strike.. Clearly nobody knows fucking anything. Hell, based on what I've picked up in the comments section of the Huffington Post, Obama went to Libya himself and shot Gaddafi in the back of the head. Oh yeah, and he just won the 2012 election.

What's she surprised about? Well, the guardian is saying their reporter in Sirte witnessed Qaddafi get shot in the legs and the face and chest and that each time "he grew stronger still.. the bullets just seemed to fuel his rage... more beast than man now, he feeds off the fear of the crowd... it appears as if his mutant powers are manifesting"

Or maybe she just saw the Al Jazeera acquired exclusive footage of te body of Muammar Gaddafi after he was killed in his hometown. This video, while graphic, pretty much confirms that he's dead....

Sure can't wait for the Islamists to own the fuck out of Libbya.

So it appears that Qaddafi's apparent death from wounds received while being dragged behind a truck, beaten bloody by a mob, and then shot in the head in Sirte means a long and complex trial that could have divided Libya and embarrassed Western Governments and oil firms will be completely avoided.

On the other hand, Saddam wouldn't shut up about all the deals he'd made with the CIA and the US and no one gave a flying fuck about any of that. So I guess pointing out that he knew a shit load about illegal CIA activities means jack shit.

I'm more focused on the issue that we ended up beating the boss of the middle east and then the boss of the expansion pack. So what's next? Is there's going to be Iran Download Content?

You know what this means - Time for some dubstep!

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