Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Face of Fear

The Face of Fear

Up in the land of the Cannucks, they have a haunted house in which they are imploring the use of Social Media tips and tricks. One of which is the use of taking pictures of people getting shit-in-their pants scared and posting it on the internet for the world to see your embarrassing ass pee yourself.

Yes you with the power of the internet, you can now bare witness to a bunch of pansies acting exactly like that while they get a big scare. Just look at all of these.

The dude can fucking book it!

Wait, this guy isn't a pussy for being scare. He's a pussy for holding her purse.. Just look at that thing!

Never pass up a chance to squeeze some nipples, I say.

I'm actually sad for this guy. He looks like he's about to lay a massive turd.

They saw a salad.

Look at the one on the far left. She looks calm. Too calm. As if she knew this was going to happen all along. Never again will she hear "THEY'RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU" again, dear Carrie.


They didn't actually see anything scary. He has just been trying to get away from her for years now.

Human shield! And grabbin' some tittaa's!

You can tell who loves who in this picture.

This guy just looks crazy

Holy shit. I'm scare for his eyes. They're trying to escape his head.

Spider-man shirt dude is just too excited for his death. I really don't blame the poor virgin.

Yeeeaah, these kids will never hear the end of it at school when they get back. And finally, the best one for the sole reason that they're in costumes.

While I don't get to work at a haunted house this year.. for the last decade, this gives me that reminder of how fucking awesome it was scaring people myself hidden behind make-up, a costume and the shadowy part of the themed maze.

All of the photos, along with some video promos for the house can be found here. If you haven't had enough of this shit.

In the event you were wondering, apparently a car comes at them out of nowhere, thus that scares the shit out of them. Though I can't explain the conga lines or why putting your partner in front of you would even be logical in saving yourself and not just mean that someone's crushed bones will just plow through your body like butter.

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