Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Awesome Sex Leads To Tragic Death

Awesome Sex Leads To Tragic Death

On this, a few days before the sacred act of St. Valentine - a man who died - nay! Got beheaded for marrying people against the churches wishes - Much the same that I do often in the park with those love bird pigeons.

In any case, a few days before the day when pretty much every one who is anyone is about the get down - because really, who the fuck doesn't fuck on Valentine's Day? For those of you single folks playing the home version of this... GO OUT! Valentine's Day is the one day when pretty much everyone has a chance. Bars are filled with desperately lonely women who didn't snag a date before this terrible day. You may even have a chance to be that one mistake they regret for the rest of their life.

In any event, before you go out and do that, I just want to remind you and show you a little something that was brought to you by ABC Family as a means to get those crazy kids from humping like rabbits.

I mean, it's sort of a yin and yang type of thing, you know.

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