Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Oscars - Who Cares?

The Oscars - Who Cares?

Well, most people do. So much that there's typically Oscar parties going on and what not. I work in the industry and I really don't care. I care even less than I do for the industry I am in.. the Gold Globes. But it's always a nice experience to gamble without feeling like i have some crushing addiction.

I don't watch it to see how the host did. They most likely weren't all that good, besides that, they're the scapegoat more times than not. So who cares. I guess the only reason to watch is to indeed gamble on it in a safe environment. It's not like you'll be watching much else as most shows decide to forfeit the night and not show something new.

But there's a couple of reasons to enjoy it. This being one of them.

Actually, I would watch it far  more often if that happened. We need to blend all the movies together and then everyone can be a winner. Either way, try not to party too hearty for the Oscars.

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