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Some Japanese Horror Story Shit All Up In L.A.

Some Japanese Horror Story Shit All Up In L.A.

If you're not caught up with the in progress strange story, Elisa Lam was a Canadian tourist who traveled to Southern California and went missing around 1/21. The purpose of the trip is still unknown, but it is said that her final destination was to be Santa Cruz. Well, she never made it. A body was found in a water tank of the hotel where she was staying.. If that isn't strange enough, there's a video of her last known appearance that was released before the police found the body and it is of Elisa Lam acting very strange in the hotel elevator.

Here's the footage from the hotel elevator security cameras, which I have to say is a bit creepy...

I'm kind of curious as to if she was high on any medication. I can't really explain her behavior in that elevator otherwise. She goes in and presses all the buttons and she does this all calm as fuck. Then a few seconds later she starts freaking out and pops her head out of the elevator.

I have no idea what that is even about.

Not to mention that the elevator doesn't close at all. And what the fuck is up with the hand gestures?! She's clearly talking to someone and she sort of looks like she's high on something. Now this all leads to the next in a series of bigger questions - How the fuck did she get from the elevator to being in a water tank for so long? Especially one that she didn't even have the key for.

They only decided to look in the water because of complaints of low water pressure. The police are suspecting foul play and they'd be stupid not to. The door to the roof was locked and has an alarm on it. So the only way she could have gotten to the roof was through the use of keys or some other mysterious force.

You have to admit, that elevator footage is really disturbing and something that just feels like it comes straight out of a Japanese horror movie. Something like Dark Water meets The Grudge meets The Ring. How exactly would she get to the roof, let alone into the water tower that is 8 feet tall. And even if someone did murder her and this wasn't all the work of some creepy little Asian ratty hair'ed ghost, it begs the question - does it make it any less creepy that a foreigner ends up in a skid row adjacent seedy hotel, is caught on security camera acting insane and then disappearing into a pool of water.

Mind you, police took sniffing dogs up there in the original search and found nothing. but yet this time they do? Something's not right here. Then again, a lot of things about this hotel are just down right wrong and there's a question begged in wondering if this is really just a long list of other horror filled situations.

The Cecil Hotel is, after all, the place that The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez called home in the 1980's. It's also where an Austrian journalist turned serial killer, Jack Unterweger, in the 1990's called home. But hey, that's not the only aurora of foreboding in this place. This hotel has been the death of many.

In 1954, Helen Gurnee stepped from her 7th floor window and crashed atop the hotel's marquee. She had registered as Margaret Brown a week before. Her suicide is still unknown as to the reasons. Hell, there may not be any. It could be a matter of what lured her into the hotel in the first place.

In February of 1962, Julia Moore climbed out of her 8th floor room window and jumped out, landing in a second story interior light well. She left no note and just a bus ticket from St. Louis. Later that year Pauline Otton had been arguing with her estranged husband. He took a walk and she took a leap out the window. Only she landed on top of a pedestrian named George Gianinni. Both were killed instantly.

In 1964, Pigeoon Goldie Osgood was found dead in her room by a hotel worker distributing phone books. She had been stabbed, strangled and raped, as well as her room being ransacked. Near her body were found the dodgers caps she always wore and a paper sack full of birdseed. Her murder became a cold case.

Elisa Lam gets added to that list. Why she decided to climb into the water storage of the apartment and drown herself? Well, that's a mystery in and of itself. Chances are it's clearly foul play and someone who better knows the hotel just dumped the body in there not expecting it to float to the bottom and blocking water pressure.

Or maybe it was just the hotel claiming another soul to its list....

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