Saturday, February 9, 2013

Zombie Gaze And Video Games

Zombie Gaze And Video Games

While I'm well aware that video games are for teenage boys and there's nothing a teenage boy likes more than boobs, this shit is just purely disturbing on so many levels that I can't begin in how sickening it is...

Then I'm reminded that this is the same video game company that put a skill in the game called something like 'Feminist bitch". Just the memory of all the misogynistic comments in the code. So when people complain about how violent video games are in terms of weapons and guns, how about focusing on how misogynistic it is.

Just a reminder that the trial of a guy who murdered his sister, dismembered her body and then threw her into the Regent's Canal in East London. So hey, maybe we should look at what content we are putting on the screen.

Bumping up the scary levels is that this is also "Hand Painted", which means someone had to detail it by hand, theoretically anyway. We all know it's done by Chinese slave shop workers. Those poor kids having to deal with a torso like that.

The whole thing is just pretty disturbing. It goes beyond young hormone filled teens gawking at breast and it goes way past male gazey and lands into the field of sociopath gaze.

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