Monday, February 25, 2013

Music Video MST3k

Music Video MST3k

While MTV stopped showing videos almost 20 years ago now, it's to the point that teenagers who are growing up now never knew of a channel that existed with music videos, it's probably for the best. Especially since we have places like Youtube that we can instantly watch videos on demand with the cost being maybe 30 seconds of commercials. Typically it's a five second wait before you can even skip it.

With that said, how about we take apart a current music video.

First off, I'll make no qualms about liking Katy Perry. She's hot, and while I'm sure a lot of that is layers and layers of caked on make up, as evident by the candid morning shot that Russell Brand took. I still think she cleans up well. Besides, I'm not going to scoff at someone who is willing to get down with the outrageous wig colors. That's sort of a kick of mine, after all.

So clearly this video is a sort of reaction to the fame/limelight that she has gotten in her very public relationship to the before mentioned morning camera action heavy duty British accent fella. The personification of her inner child does come across fairly well. I guess I fail to see why she went full on blatantly ripping off Skrillex's crazy super powered little girl. Down to even the foot stomping.

The video also gives me a very heavy Advance Dungeons and Dragons fill to it with a dash of Labyrinth for good measure. I like it for that maze feel. Katy has this sort of Mage chick that I imagine I would have created a character for when I was young. So hey, there you go. Staying classy while also sexualized. A whole lot better than in her other videos like that California Girls one. Which, I mean, really. Who had a fetish for Candy Land growing up?

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