Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim 

So this trailer came about for this summer's bound to be huge film;

At the surface you have this vaguely Steampunk Evangelion done by Guillermo Del Toro with Glados in it. Toss in a dash of Avatr, some Independence Day and Power Rangers into the mix and there you go.

In fact, this seems perfect as an example of a film being created by those whose generation grew up on Giant Robot cartoons instead of on UFO flicks. Because that's really why ID4 came about. Those boomers from the 50's finally getting to the point of sprinkling in their nostalgia into the pot.

All I have to say about this is that it's Guillermo Del Toro and that's enough to sale me on buying a couple of tickets - all in support of a writer, director and friend with a tongue like a sailor. So I'll hold my tongue on saying anything negative at all because it is Del Toro. Even if I want to say "AAAAAAAAHHHH, After ten thousand years I'M FREEEEEE! IT'S TIME TO CONQUER.... EARTH!

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