Sunday, October 20, 2013

Being Honest About The Walking Dead

Being Honest About The Walking Dead

Now that the Walking Dead is back on the air, we can all bitch about how a terrible show it really is. I mean, let's be honest, we really hate it and yet that love for zombies in the media pushes us to keep on watching no matter how bad it gets. It's a strange relationship to say the least.

This Honest Trailer covers a great amount of why I say the things I say about the show. And be honest, you know it's 100% right on the money.

I will add that they forgot to bring up that up until this season, they had a strict highlander rule for black characters on the show. If you were of dark skin, you could assume that if some other dark skinned person was on the show, your ass was dead. Unless you had some mysterious Samurai skills, that is.

So far this season has been a lot better than the past two, but let's pray it doesn't follow the trend of starting off great and then limping to the barn.

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