Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's Time For Dodger Baseball!

It's Time For Dodger Baseball! 

25 years ago today the Dodgers pulled off something that was amazing.

Such a beautiful moment, I tell ya'. And I think tonight we need some of that magic as we're down in the series against St. Luis 2 games to 1. We have a chance to tie up the series tonight with one more game in Los Angeles and going back to their home turf down 3-1 just doesn't seem like the best situation.

And we ain't got no time for fucking Rally Monkey bullshit.

Though, I guess that's kind of fucked up in how quickly they removed him and how easily he just flushed down the drain a ton of cash for post season baseball tickets all to dress like a giant beer and dance around on top of the Cardinals dug out. Hell, he ain't even getting props for it cause he's covered up. He can't tell people at the next house party that he was the dancing bear in hopes of getting laid.

Here's hoping some of that magic is still in that stadium tonight.

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