Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ghost Stories - Tis The Season

Ghost Stories - Tis The Season

Now that we're in October and my favorite season of Oktoberfest is just about to wrap up - yes, it's done the first week of October, go figure. But now that we got the beer drinking out of the way, it's time for seeing random shit that you probably can't explain in a drunken state that you're currently in.

But it is, after all, the season to be all spooky and what not. A little known fact about me is that when I have nothing else to watch on a Friday night that I decide not to go out and drink or be social, I love, love, LOVE watching those god awful ghost hunter reality shows where it's just some moron in a dark room with some very vague electronic recording device that they heavily suggest is something it clearly isn't.

I don't really believe in the after life, given that I'm an atheist and all that jazz, so I don't really know how to explain this enjoyment over the stupid shit like that. But I do find it comical and I think I like the notion of some sort of state of being after your physical self has long since wasted away. But again, we're approaching Halloween and that's the perfect time for all these things to come to light and scare the shit out of you.

So in any event, check out this little video of a "ghost" captured on camera at a hotel room spooky situation.

While I doubt that it actually happened and it does put into question why he didn't simply turn on the light. I don't question why he didn't close the door behind you. You want to make sure you have an exit if you're putting yourself in the situation of potentially facing some screaming bitch.

If it's a staged situation, I'll still give it some props since it was pretty well made. Even if the ghost apparition was just a little glow contrast. Much better than say, something like this;

Which just seems like it could be easy to stage with today's modern technology in video editing. Still, that first hotel video is interesting none the less.

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