Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some Oktoberfest Advice

Some Oktoberfest Advice

While Oktoberfest has been over for a solid two weeks now, it's never too late to let some business make a ton of cash off the selling of that drunken promise, you know. Here's this really high pitched chick to tell you more about what you should be drinking.

Her voice. Jesus fucking christ. I mean, it's almost worth it to press the mute button, you're not going to learn much of anything from her reviews other than which foreign beers get white girls the most fucked up fastest. It's like her descriptors on the first couple weren't that terrible. But things just devolved from there and got into a realm of wanting to shoot yourself. 

Side note - the candles are a nice touch, I mean, if you even noticed them behind the two massive breast that were in the picture taking all of the attention away. If you weren't busy busting your nut on that whole comment about a beer mustache. 

In the end, the advice she gives is bad. But then again, who doesn't like to get white girls wasted on horrid beer? 

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