Sunday, October 13, 2013

Breaking Boarder Bad

Breaking Boarder Bad

Another Sunday and we're not getting Breaking Bad. Not one new shred of it. I mean, what the fuck, right? Except, well, if you're in Columbia. Because guess what's getting remade in the image of Latin America? You guessed it. This bad boy;

Jesus Christo, Marie! Better call Sergio!

I have to say that the casting seems off. The guy cast as Hank looks way more like Tuco than what I picture Hank to look like. I really can't take him seriously without the barrel chest and huge head, you know. I sort of dig Walt, but changing his last name to Blanco? Isn't that going to fuck with things when it comes to the Gale reveal about Walt Whitman?

You also have to wonder if the cartel guys will have the same names. I'm assuming this joke will be lost in translation, but the best one was Juan Bolsa, because it was Spanish for Johnny Sacks. And on a random note, I always assume the Cartel was just a generic stand in for any Mexican cartel, but Wikipedia implied they're supposed to specifically be in the Juarez Cartel, which is a real thing

Si, Señor Blanco, CIENCIA, PERRA!

I'm actually pretty interest in seeing how the Spanish-language remake plays out in terms of the setting. ABQ really was an amazing aspect to the show. Besides, they wouldn't just do a shot-by-shot remake of the original after all, would they? I think they'll gladly make some changes, or at least they would have to.

Otherwise if they do a direct copy they may miss the entire point of the show in a sort of lost in translation type of thing. Then again, they literally named their character Walter Blanco, so who the fuck really knows.

It's already known that they changed things like the RV because motor homes aren't very common in Columbia, so they're going with an old school bus instead. Which just makes me wonder when they'll have to deal with hop ons.

But you know, I can't lie, "Yo soy el knockador" still makes me laugh.

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