Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some Horror Television For You

Some Horror Television For You

With the scares out in full force, here's a couple little shorts.. well, sort of short horror inspired flicks for your Halloween enjoyment.

The first from the 80's twilight zone series. This one was actually produced by George R.R. Martin, and written by Stephen King and Harlan Ellison and is all about some little dude's very rational fear of Gram gram. I mean, with their cheek pinching skills, you best be afraid.

The next one is from a Boris Karloff hosted Horror Anthology Show. Why we don't have more of those besides American Horror Story, I do not know. But this episode is based on a spine-tingling Weird Tales story by Robert E. Howard, about two brothers who get stranded in the middle of nowhere in an abandoned home. Which ends up not being all that empty.

The episode was praised by Stephen King as one of the scariest things ever. So hey, don't die on me.

The last is a classic that you know full well about the story of, but you probably never saw it. Which is a shame since it's part of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour in a story called The Monkey's Paw. If that doesn't strike a chord in your psyche and give you an idea, perhaps you should just watch this and learn some pop culture references;

Because what's more scary than getting what you wish for? Besides being careful at what you do, because it may just come true.

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