Wednesday, October 3, 2018



This is a short and sweet article. It's simple. A Georgia charter school is looking to bring back the classic teaching style of paddling as a disciplinary policy for students.

Yes. That's right. Paddling.

I have to wonder what year we're living in that this is even something folks think about as a means to punish a student for whatever the hell they did wrong. But sure enough, the parents of students at the Georgia school for innovation and the classics outside of Augusta, Georgia, received a consent letter that stated the corporal punishment of paddling would happen on a student's third offense.

Now if you're not one to know of shit done in the time before the 20th century, paddling is the art of getting a wooden paddle and smacking them right in the ass.

Yes, this is charter education at its finest. Why not instruct kids with fear of abuse. That is what created the greatest generation. Either that or the fact that they went into WWII and realized that freedom and all the other shit they took for granted had a cost and so they enjoyed it far more because it was a struggle to accomplish...

Then again, those are the same ones who want to smack you on the ass for stepping out of line. So I don't know where I'm going with this. Maybe I just don't think that educators should be inflicting harm on children regardless of public or charter private school. That perhaps there's a better way to get through to the children than fear. That perhaps you can motivate someone with love and compassion and just explaining to them what it is that they are doing wrong.

Nah, fuck it, let's just smack some bottoms!

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