Sunday, October 14, 2018



I don't frequent Walmart as much as the average middle America family would, in fact, I can't remember the last time I have been in one. Look, I'm not trying to say that I'm above that shit and go straight to trader joe's and whole foods and live in a sort of upper middle class bubble that can't hear the plight of the average blue collar worker. All I'm saying is that I just don't like going into the store. Not cause I'm better, but because the store itself is just so bad.

The wages they pay are terrible. They depend on welfare to support their workers, so in a sense, they are the worst type of welfare queens that the average Walmart shopper complains about folks being on welfare and taking advantage of the system if they were minorities, yet have no problem when this company is just subsidizing a living wage to their employees and pocketing all the savings in corporate welfare.

The quality of the stuff they have is subpar to me because they nickle and dime every vendor to give them the lowest possible price they can afford to make it at, which in turn makes it that manufacturers are basically screwed out at giving their own employees a proper wage. Often times making it so that the lowest possible price they can get something at just gets made in China and takes the jobs out of locals. It is what killed the rust belt. The inability to meet the demands of big box stores like Walmart and then got put out of business because Walmart put all the competition out of business. With no one to sell to in this race to the bottom, it basically fucked over the American dream in every possible way you can imagine.

Anyhow, that was a couple of paragraph rant that had nothing to do with what I am about to talk about. Something even stranger happening in the land of Falling Prices. You see, the company is completely getting into the world of collecting data on its patrons. For what purpose? I have no clue, but it is completely creepy in every possible way because it's going to effect you when you're simply walking in the store.

Walmart put out a patent for a shopping cart that reads your biometrics as you push it through the aisles. They're straight up going all Baymax from Big Hero 6 on us and will be reading your heart rate as you walk and checking the stress levels. I mean, who the hell wouldn't be stressed and have a high heart rate walking through a store that basically makes you wonder why you should even be alive.

The Biometric feedback cart handle will tell the company what the shopper's pulse, temperature, and force level when they're touching the cart's handles are. I guess it's to see if you're tense, stressed or what have you. I mean, when you're forced to buy there to make ends meet, how the hell are you not going to be stressed?  The justification?  They want to make sure that if someone is about to need medical assistance, they can assist them. Which sounds really specific and more to the point, really like a waste of money on their end.

This makes me wonder how many times does Walmart have to deal with medical emergencies that this is the route they go down? Then again, they do have a shit ton of locations, so the chances of having some sort of medical emergency in the store increases because they are literally everywhere in America.

Though, let's call a spade a spade. This isn't going to be used to help medical situations. Not in the fucking slightest. This is going to be used to collect the data that you are one fat fuck pushing a cart in Walmart and perhaps they read that your pulse is high, which will alert you to the fact that they have very low low prices on reduced sodium salt and push the blood pressure medication in the pill aisle on you.

I mean, not like they couldn't just assume that if you were riding on one of those rascal scooters anyway. But this goes beyond that. You may be in great health. Great blood pressure and all that, but still get advertisements on work out gear. Holding those handles too tight while going down to the clothing section? Maybe you're too stressed and they can advertise some tea or other relaxing item like a case of beer to you.


Just remember, you aren't a person to them. You don't matter. You simply are something they can advertise to and make money. But hey, it's not even just you that is special, it's basically collecting data as a whole to see how many, on average, consumers have really bad health and what products do they need to stock up in that specific area store to cater to you and make the most money.

I'm sure Walmart totally wants to just do all this R&D to see when your stress levels are high and to prevent some morons from fighting.. Totally.

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