Friday, January 11, 2019



2018 was suppose to be the year I traveled more. I mean, let's be honest. I did go to Florida and Colorado. Both for work representing well enough. But I had huge desires for traveling that didnt' come to past. A trip from south through the north of the Appalachian mountains - The trip was suppose to be trying to find what or who is America these days. That never happened. New York in spring time just seemed like one I wanted to do badly.

Well you know what, the goals are there for 2019 and fucking hell, I'll be damned if I don't get all the traveling done I wanted from last year in this year as well as a few more amazing trips that I want to add on top of that.

I still need to Kentucky and do a bourbon run. I have a buddy who runs a shop that I will be going on this trip to "test" their single barrel programs, so yeah, I am looking forward to whenever that happens.

Construction on the money pit I call my building progressed a lot more. I mean, this project has essentially been a 12 year project as I handled it. Well, with as much walls that blocked me in progress this year, I still pushed it to the 1 yard line and it looks like the touch down is just moments away.

If you know nothing about this project I have been building for  myself, well then, just ask. I'm happy to talk about it. I'm equally as happy in how it is coming out.

But that's not going to prevent me from traveling. I have so much plans that I want to do this year. Another trip to San Fran is a must. And it's a must soon. I loved S.F. so much and it has literally been four years since I have been up to the land that tiki spots roam. And to add to that, two new spots opened up in the last few years. So I need to make it up to S.F. for the weekend some time soon.

I also plan on going to Florida, once, if not twice this year so I can make the value worth it on my Disney Annual pass options.Also cause I just got asked to represent the brewery for a Florida beer festival. So I guess that's happening.

Yeah, a lot more in the works for this year that I'm excited about.

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