Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bodega Cats

Bodega Cats

Well, it's Caturday and I may as well join the internet in embracing such a silly thing. Even though I've probably had my fill of cats for one life time (what kind of monster could say such a thing?!)

Today I bring you - the Bodega Cats. These wild beast sit on the counter and whatever else of your local shop guarding the delectable wonders that your local bodega has to offer.

Out of all the health code violations, this is by far the cutest.

"Hey dude, can I just get some-"

Well, I have to admit. These stores with all these cats in it has almost sold me on capitalism.

ALMOST! Almost, I say. Cause there's certainly not enough
cuteness for me to sign up for that system now.

nice try, nice try...


For you, the day Fluffy McCuddleton stole your napspot was the most important day of your life. For me... it was caturday.

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