Friday, June 15, 2012

Welp... Comic's New Low

Welp... Comic's New Low

This is it. We've reached the peak comic book female objectification right here with this issue;

This female character... is so strong.... Ugh!

I mean, look at that cover. How does it even get created? It just looks way more exaggerated than most normal comics could or should or ever would be. I just can't help but die a little inside when I see it.

More than anything, how would you purchase that at a comic book store? Which in itself is already a harrowing experience. But how could you pick that up from the rack and then walk to the counter and hand over money for it without immediately dying of shame?

Then if that wasn't bad enough, check out the dude who drew that in his blog spot. RIGHT HERE. The fucking gall of the guy to do the picture right below the Catwoman cover seems to be proof that density can be insanely thick with some.

The cover just - it's just terrible on all fronts. Apparently Catwoman's main power is not having an abdomen. But hey, she's a strong female feminist fighter, right? Ugh.

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