Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Is Drugs?

What Is Drugs?

This guy brings up a good point;

I mean, it's a really good question - What exactly is drugs? For that sort of thing we need to go to teenagers. I think they know what are these mystery drugs things that this man, who just got done doing a police chase for nothing more than swagger.

So maybe we should ask teens.. or at least decode their magic secret code;

I wonder what that extra D stands for? Maybe it's for Parents Suck Mad D(elicious Oysters, it makes me so jealous that I don't have the disposable income I would need to afford them!)

Oh wait, I just saw the fine print. Hmmm, a bit rude if you ask me.

MHIO?!? Whoa, kids these days are getting bold. Though I don't think that LKAB is anything new. I mean, who hasn't killed a transient in this day and age for shits and giggles? Exactly! Nothing new under the sun there, my friends. NMH - I mean, who doesn't? But what about the other codes

RTCMITRV - Ready To Cook Meth In The RV (yeah, kids aren't smart enough to know you don't have to put V in there)

RBAC - Robbing Bank After Church

FILGB - Fuck It, Let's Go Bowling

For as much as the youth is on drugs, maybe it's caused by the rock stars they listen to. Just read this letter from a band about their tragic show accident..
Hello everyone,
As you will probably have heard the roof over the stage collapsed at our show in Toronto killing crew member Scott Johnson and injuring three other crew members. The collapse also destroyed the light show – this show was unique and will take many weeks to replace. The collapse also caused serious damage to our backline, some elements of which are decades old and therefore hard to replace.
Whilst we all are dealing with the grief and shock ensuing from this terrible accident there are also many practical considerations to deal with & consequently we have to try and reschedule the following shows...
We will make every effort to offer the fans the very best show possible under the circumstances – thanks for your understanding and support.
I'm just shocked. Yo mang, our totally sick light show got fucked up... and so we're going to need to bump some of our tour dates, please bear with us, will you?

... Oh yeah, also some dude died, I guess.

Drugs man, they're one hell of a drug.

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