Sunday, June 10, 2012

Christina Hendricks Is Hot

Christina Hendricks Is Hot

Here's a Mad Men game: Try to find an article or interview with Christina Hendricks that DOESN'T mention her body.

Trick question: There's no such thing!

Yes, that's right -- Mad Men's sexy secretary Joan Holloway, played by Christina Hendricks, who, any jelly girl will point out first that she's not naturally a redhead, but does that really matter? Did you know that the highest percentage of natural redheads in the world is in Scotland - about 13%, followed closely by Ireland with 10%. In the US, about 2% of the population are natural redheads. - So let's just get it out of the way, I don't care about shit being a dye job.

Another fun fact is that redheads were considered witches in Germanic culture. From 1483 to 1784, thousands of suspected witches were nearly always stripped and searched for "marks of the devil." Which was freckles and red hair was certainly considered an abnormality.

Anyhow, back to Christina Hendricks.. If you're going to go through withdraws after tonight because you don't have your Joan fix, well now you can have your very own Joan Holloway:
Dolled up: Mad Men stars to be made into Barbies
It is a move that would have the male denizens of Sterling Cooper reaching for their whisky and cigarettes. Don Draper, a symbol of pre-sexual revolution male values from the hit TV show Mad Men, is to be made into a Barbie doll.

The licensing rights to Draper and three other characters from the critically acclaimed series have been acquired by the toy firm Mattel to be part of a line called the Barbie fashion model collection.

The featured dolls – Draper, his wife, Betty, and colleagues John Sterling and Joan Holloway – will cost $74.95 (£50.16) each.

Mattel's senior vice-president, Stephanie Cota, told the New York Times: "The dolls, we feel, do a great job of embodying the series. Certain things are appropriate and certain things aren't."

Given the drinking, infidelity and smoking that marks the show's chronicle of life at a New York advertising agency, the line of dolls will be aimed at the adult collectibles market and not the young girls who comprise Barbie's massive fan base.

The Mad Men dolls will be in shops this summer, just in time for the start of a fourth season of the show.
Then again, that news is pretty damn old. I'm sure that all the creepy folks who want to have Hendricks in their greasy grips already bought them all and you'll have to pay an inflated price on ebay for it.

Barbie better beware that she's going to steal Ken's attention away. I mean, Barbie is pretty much atomically incorrect as it is, while Christina Hendricks, as every magazine likes to point out, is a wonder to human DNA. Though I'm sure the Don Draper doll will get into Barbie's panties without any problems.

It does bring up an interesting subject. Does this Don Draper doll represent the first doll that kids could look to and see that he's a womanizing piece of shit alcoholic? I mean, Barbie was a bad role model in herself, but to kick it up a notch and make it so that your kids are playing with an adultery inspired character. Now that's throwing it into the realm of improper role models. Ironically enough, they don't come with cigs, ashtrays, alcohol glasses or cocktail shakers. So I guess you can't go full tilt in immersing yourself into the doll's world.

Besides, it's not like kids are going to be asking for these or ever play with them anyway. Only spurgin' adults, who have so much expendable income and lack of hobbies that they're willing to buy dolls based off an AMC drama (to be fair, I guess Walking Dead has toys made for it as well) will be getting them. So maybe they should have tossed in a martini glass or two. What else are the fans going to do for the year that it takes to come out with a new season?

So let's go back to the notion that everyone thinks she's hot. Because, really -- she's hot. You know, Christina Hendricks would have loved to play Wonder Woman.
Christina Hendricks: "I'd love to play Wonder Woman"
I have to say this.. but I can't believe I am doing so, but she's too busty for the role. I like Hendricks, but I just don't think she's right for the role. She's more suited for Power Girl. I always thought Joss Whedon had it right when he said Morena Baccarin was born for the role. She may not be as busty as the way Wonder Woman is typically drawn, but she has the "Amazonian" look down.

Do you need further proof? Esquire Magazine did name her the hottest woman of last year.

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks has been named America's most beautiful women in this year’s Esquire contest, reports PopEater. The actress, who received a whopping 30 per cent of the votes, will appear on the cover of the May issue of Esquire magazine looking stunning -- although, oddly, more like a young Julianne Moore than herself.

Although the official interview has yet to been published online, it seems that Hendricks’s wit matches her beauty. She offered some advice to her male fans: "No man should be on Facebook.”

Back to the subject of any interview with her always has to go back to her body... at the very least touch on it (tee hee) Just look at how in this interview she's giving into the Patriarchy and went on a diet..

Is Mad Men's curvy star going on a diet?

Please, Joan, say it ain’t so.

Christina Hendricks, who plays smoking hot office manager Joan Holloway on Mad Men, is reportedly going on a diet to squeeze herself in to Hollywood’s waifish standards.

“Christina has got sick of all the talk of her being the curviest woman in Hollywood. For her it basically meant she was being called fat,” an unnamed source told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

“Now she’s gone against everything she believed in before by going on the first diet of her life. Christina’s cut out carbs, and alcohol, although she’s not a big drinker. She’s eating fish oil to break down fat and pak choi and edamame nearly every meal.”

The source said Hendricks aims to lose about 30 lbs.

Hendricks has yet to confirm the rumour, but it’s already shocked the blogosphere.

“If Christina Hendricks is indeed caving to the pressures of Hollywood to be skinny, I’ll be particularly disappointed,” wrote Wendy Atterberry, a contributor to, adding that Hendricks and her character “have been an inspiration to me.”

Another blog reacted with shocked disbelief. “Is she crazy, men love her curves, and most women would kill to have such a hot bod,” wrote

Hendricks has won plenty of praise over the years for her curvy figure. Earlier this year, for instance, she was voted the best-looking woman in America by Esquire magazine’s female readers in a survey published in April.

But the 35-year-old actress has also had to bear the burden of being a female star with actual curves. This past summer, she lamented that no fashion designers would give her a dress for award shows since they only lend out a size 0 or 2, she said.

While Hendricks should be free to lose (or gain) weight as she wishes, it’s a shame that “curvy” has become a bad word. It’s also disappointing that the demands to be thin in Tinseltown are as pervasive as booze is in the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.
Welp, I guess I should just wrap it up now. Another woman succumbs to beauty standards set by an industry filled with vengeful gay men. But don't you love it when people go on fad diets and lose 15 pounds of water weight and maybe half a pound of fat and muscle in 2 weeks. Then they feel more accomplished than if they just went on a normal healthy diet where they would lose 1-2 pounds a week, but all of it would be fat and the long term benefits would be large and wide better than they would with this stupid diet?

But hey, that's more if you want to maintain a healthy weight, like if you just want to make a permanent lifestyle change instead of just yo-yoing between diets forever. I know, a little un-American, but then again, America is a primitive culture that worships big titties, and what does make up breast other than fat? Crushed dreams. That's right.

I guess it's just a matter of simple fact that women's bodies are, will and always will be the subject to the whims and prejudices of society. We're better off killing everyone. Though I guess this blog post showing off many many different attractive pictures of her isn't any help to the patriarchy, now is it?

On the flip side, I bet you that she gets really fat women coming up to her all the time telling her how brave she is that she's comfortable in her own body and embraces the word "curvy", even though that word has been ridden on more than Paris Hilton. That would probably really piss anyone off. People of her physique should probably just get a better word than curvy. Curvy has picked up a lot of connotations at this point and is used as a descriptor for 5'0'' women who weigh 250 pounds...

No, seriously.. I can understand how she is upset by being called 'curvy' because that word has been hijacked by the beached whale community and is usually code for plain old 'fat'. The horror.

But all of this puts me in a tough position in wondering if there is any way I can say that I find Christina Hendricks attractive without it being 'a problem'? Because, let's face it, I think she's the bee's knees. Maybe I have to be attracted to her on the basis of her academic achievements, political viewpoints and/or have personal experience of her delightful personality. Then again, my M.O. for attraction is typically red hair + white + boobs. So let's face it, she's hitting all those marks on my weakness levels.

I leave you with an amazing combination. Christina Hendricks and Broken Bells