Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Zimmerman File

The Zimmerman File

Something unexpected happened the other day... I mean, it's really odd. Just look at this;
George Zimmerman's bond revoked in shooting of Trayvon Martin
Zimmerman now has 48 hours to turn himself in to authorities.
The decision came after the revelation that Zimmerman and his wife may have conspired to lie about thousands of dollars in donations they'd collected before his bond hearing.
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In a new motion, prosecutors accused PayPal account, but didn't mention the money at his bond hearing.
The account ultimately collected about $200,000, his attorney later revealed.
"Defendant has intentionally deceived the court with the assistance of his wife," the motion says. "During the jail phone calls both of them spoke in code to hide what they were doing."
Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda told the judge today that "this court was led to believe that they didn't have a single penny" at the earlier bond hearing.
Zimmerman's wife "flat out lied to this court," de la Rionda said. Lester agreed, revoking Zimmerman's bond. He must turn himself in, the judge said.
You know, this seems like a positive development for justice... right?


As it stands now, he might have to spend at least some time in prision before he's inevitably found innocent according to Florida's backwards ass laws. What I find odd about this whole thing is that he gets potential time for not bribing the state enough, rather than for a violent crime.

Which is something I still don't get, how did he even get bail in the first place? You're not supposed to get bail for fucking killing people. But hey, maybe the state is trying to make good now. Or maybe they're just saying;
"I don't care who you are or who you killed, when I tell you to empty your pockets you empty your goddamn pockets."
~ The US Judicial System.

Because that's what it boils down to. Zimmerman didn't disclose the amount of money they were raking in through the website and uncle Sam wasn't getting his cut, so hey, I sure hope that the next governor of Florida introduces a new bill into the floor that states all laws are void except for one: Not having money is illegal.

This shit has gone so far past and beyond being a parody of itself. The dude is so fucked up, that I don't know why they're trying to make up shit against Trayvon to try to make Zimmerman an innocent man. Because even if all the shit they try to make up is true, Zimmerman still killed an unarmed man, it's still murder and Zimmerman is still a racist shit stain on society.

At the very least, this whole bail thing really fucks him over. It destroys his credibility to even the most milquetoast on the fence people, because really, why would George Zimmerman lie about anything?!

Enjoy your jail cell, asshole.

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