Monday, June 11, 2012

My Own Personal Jesus

My Own Personal Jesus

I was once asked on the streets during my travels if I believed in Jesus. I replied with a big fat NO. Which then just led them to ask what it would take for me to accept Jesus as my own personal savior. I was extra confused by this, considering if I don't believe in him, how could I accept a non existent idea or person as a personal savior?

While I'm strongly holding on to my atheist lack of beliefs, it did make me wonder, what would "Jesus" or "God" need to do for you, in order for you to accept this silly fairy tale. Maybe a tour of the universe would suddenly set your beliefs in motion?

Then again, if he took me on a sight seeing tour of the universe and answered some pretty important questions, I probably would just assume that I went crazy and/or was high on bath salts. So I'd probably still wouldn't believe, nor would I even feel sane anymore.

I guess what can be said is that atheism, in its own right, is already a religion. It's just not the popular kind - and really that's the important part. Once you become a majority with your religion, you get the bragging rights and people stop thinking you're crazy...

Okay, they still think you're insane, but they just sort of laugh behind your back instead of in front of it. The whole concept of faith is silly for the very reason that you have to have faith in order to be faithful. It's not proof. So the excuse of he wants us to have FAITH, so see, that's the catch, I can't prove it to you, but you just gotta believe. It never struck me as anything but silly bullshit. It makes you wonder why even have faith in the first place.

Besides that, there is no logical reason why a supreme being, a jealous god and all that other shit, would require faith, except that it is absolute fucking rationalized bullshit. What is more likely of a situation, you tell me - no god at all or a trickster god that hides fossils to "test our faith"?

Just because some incredibly powerful extraterrestrial exists, I'm supposed to give it adulation? What a load of horseshit. I do believe in unconditional love, which is something that I think both exists and is pretty horrible.

We could have very easily had some sort of creator. But to assume that they give a shit about us anymore than you give a shit about that fifth grade project you made for biology and just sort of tossed into the corner, is a little far fetched. What is illogical is that if anything was that all powerful to create us, why the fuck would he be hanging around stalking us like so?

In the end, it's all about just making each of us feel like we're not completely purposeless. Cause hey, if you have God looking at you all the time, then you have to put on a show. You have to make something of yourself or feel like you're letting someone else down.

Seems kind of fucked up.

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