Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mad Men - Season 5

Mad Men - Season 5

I can sum up season 5 of Mad Men with this simple video.

I mean, what else is there to say? On the season finale of Mad Men; Don Draper gets a tooth ache... I mean, fucking seriously now. What the hell was that? I guess we end it off with Don going back to his old ways. He does probably feel complete guilt over Price's hanging... which really does suck as I like him as an actor on the show. On the flip side, shit happens.

But I think that Mad Men falls into the same situation as The Great Gatsby. In that I may have to watch it because it looks really, really prety. Not because it will be good. Mind you.

They should just make a movie out of the great Gatsby, That's a book that movie watchers were clamoring for! Then again, Carey Mulligan needs to be in a lot more things. Where as Tobey Maguire needs to be in a lot less of them. Though, he'd probably be a good Nick. I think he has a lot of what the character... is... I guess.

Back to Mad Men. Yeah, not a shit lot happens, but I guess that's what we've come to expect from Mad Men. The highlight of the season was a fat Betty.. and that's about it. On to a better show...

I ended up watching the first two episodes of Tron: Uprising, which is Disney's animated tron series and it was pretty damn decent. The visuals are a sort of Tron mixed with Aeon Flux and they ercycle the entire Legacy soundtrack to a decent effect. And so far one of the main semi-antagonists is a very capable woman, though of course that means there's sarcastic sexy banter during the fights,

Besides that, it's also about a violent insurrection and has Lance Reddick and Pee Wee in it. So hey, double win!

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