Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fuck Magnets - How Does Gravity Work?

Fuck Magnets - How Does Gravity Work?

This is a simple thing that we take for granted, but not to sound like the Insane Clown Posse, but magnets aren't even the issue. How the fuck does gravity even work?! Can you tell me?

I bet you can't. I don't understand how or why gravity exists. Like, I believe myself to be a well educated man who is better read than most with a really good eye on science, but I don't get gravity. I mean, like, I get how it works, basically, but I don't get WHY it works.

Follow me here for a second. As far as I understand it, gravity is the result of objects' desire to return to their original state imprinted within them at the time of creation: "On the ground".

It's one of the few things I just don't get and for the most part, scientist don't get either and if you're going to tell me "Well duh this is why it works", you'll be a liar. Gravity is still a mysterious force to the science community. Hell, they don't even know if it's a force at all. We know the effects of gravity and how difficult it is to work against, but the how on it is completely up in the air on why it does what it does.

You have Kepler's theory, Newton's gravity laws and even Einstein. But all of theirs broke down somewhere and don't exactly explain the why of it. You have to get into Quantum Gravity to even get close to figuring out what the fuck is happening. And even then it doesn't answer the why of it. In which you get into loop quantum gravity and string theory. And if we're going to go down that road, we may as well answer it with ISCP's answer - Fuckin' Magic.

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thed3signer said...

I have no fucking idea how it works, Is it science or something else? a fucked up anomaly?

I think we will never be able to figure it out. Unless the aliens tell us!