Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Comic Con Will Kill You

Comic Con Will Kill You

Comic con, a place once for cowardly nerds who hid behind funny book stories and sailor moon cosplayers has become a den of death. A few years ago someone got stabbed in Hall H when another person went crazy and what not. Not to mention the amount of neck beard nerds who pass out due to the insane amount of working out one does going from show floor end to show floor end.

Yesterday, a day before even the preview night of the show happened, a Twilight fan faced the true meaning in the phrase being a diehard fan. It should come to no surprise that fans of the sparkly vampire series are willing to wait a long time for their shit. In this case, they started waiting in line for a panel dedicated to the last film in the franchise.

Now, Comic con has gone on record in trying to prevent people from camping out for days and days for the Hall H programing. This is something that has become an ever increasing problem with comic con. The more it becomes a Hollywood to the South, with more heavy focus on pop culture, film and television, the more it will become a massive cluster fuck.

The victim's name is/was Gisella G. Why release this information? Because hey, even though I generally dislike the Twilight franchise and their fans, I can't help but feel a bit bad for someone who died because of their fandom and/or poor organization skills from the San Diego Comic Convention staff.

There's no reason why they should allow people to wait from, in this case, Saturday/Sunday for a panel that doesn't happen till Thursday. This sort of thing is just stupidity. There's really no reason why anyone should wait that long. The whole fandom of this franchise is a bit scary... more so scary than generally the other masses of nerds who come. Well, I guess the nearest thing is Bronies. Fuck those guys.

So what exactly happened? The folks have been waiting in line for a couple of days now, even though the con suggested not to. Yesterday the 53... wait, FIFTY FUCKIN' THREE?! year old woman ran across the street because the convention folks wanted to flip the line -- they wanted to turn it around to make the end the beginning. At which point someone hit the 53 year old. Police came, person was taken to the nearest hospital and declared dead.

Guess no sparkly vampires popped up. Oh well. This is the woman who passed away;

You can see her wearing the green top.

Now fans have suggested and petitioned to have a moment of silence during the Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel, but I think that's a bit much. I man, you waited all these days in line for the panel and you're wasting a moment on silence? Come on now.

That's not to say I'm heartless I feel for the family of this victim. But it was a bad decision to wait that long for a show. How much more productive could you be with your time than waiting at a convention line like so? Okay, maybe that's saying or giving a lot of credit to someone who would actually wait inline for this sort of thing.

Don't get me wrong, I love comic con. I find a way to get down there when I can and I cover it greatly here. But at the end of the day if you make these panels your entire trip, you're missing out on a lot.

In short, this is not something to get killed over. And if it is, perhaps you should re-evaluate your place in life, as it's not the most healthiest.

With all that said, thoughts go out, but come on folks, stay safe during comic con. It's crazy enough of a time. Just gotta enjoy yourself in a safe and sane manner. Both of which, this situation was not.

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