Thursday, July 5, 2012

We're Pretty Great

We're Pretty Great

As I type this I hear a lot of loud bombs outside of my place. In a shocking turn of event, the majority of these are not gun shots.

Shocking, I know.

Happy 4th of July... Or more to the point, you're probably reading this on the 5th. So, Happy 5th of July. The day you nurse those hangovers and deal with the mess of paper and burnt remains on the street near your home. Just remember, that's just a sign on how BAD FUCKING ASS our nation is...

So I hope you had a happy death to Amerikkka day... no wait, that's wrong.

How did that get in there? Shame! America owns! All my America braws, let's grill meat and drink a shit ton of beer and shoot us some fireworks! Cause we takin' this 4th of July all da way to the motha fuckin' weekend!

Then again, what kind of slacked jaw faggot are you? Forget the Fourth of July. You want to talk about true American patriotism, who gives a shit about only celebrating the complete badassary of this country on one day. how about shutting the fuck up and lovin' America every goddamn day - 24/7/365 days a year, Boooyah!

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