Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TMNT - Catch Phrasing For A New Generation

TMNT - Catch Phrasing For A New Generation

The other week when I was watching cartoons - yes, I still find time to do that in my elderly age, I came across the trailer/teaser for the new version of Ninja Turtles;

The first thing I told myself was... WHAT THE FUCK?! Why are the Turtles getting all Ali G up in this beyatch?!

Which in itself is odd to hear come out of a white dude, let alone mutated turtles. But then I took one step more and this was the odd part, because if it is to be believed what is mentioned on the internet, well then, one needs only to look at the Urban Dictionary to see what it means..
Literaly it means: "kill the white man". It's made famous by Ali G, which uses it as a greeting, like "hello".
So Nick got the turtles potentially saying to kill the white man/devil. Now that's comedy. I guess I won't complain about this Ninja Turtles remake. I mean, what's there really to complain about? It's turtles in a half shell -- turtle power!

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