Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The PRI is Back in Style

The PRI is Back in Style

Cause Pena Nieto won the Mexican Presidency!

You just have to wonder if Mexico is ready for a purple thumbed President.. Or maybe I'm just in shock that h'e flaunting the fact that he voted twice that publicly? And steal it they did. I mean, I hear there was a ballot box stolen at gun point in Monterrey.

For those of you who don't know the scoop on the new PRI vs the old, They're a member of the socialist internationale, but that may be more a force of history since most of the left (and the south) broke with the PRD in the late 80's. Because really, this dude more or less seems indistinguishable from the previous president. I guess I should expect that from liberal democracy.

So far, there have been over 300 people detained for fraudulent activity, including straight-up vote buying. Nieto has bribed thousands and thousands of people, intimidated tons, including over 30 rapes by his people as well as a lot of bloody heads from people standing in the way. In Mexico City crowds of people were denied ballots at the same time they began counting results. You could say that the US is missing this story -- but when has the US cared about anyone outside of their own boarders?

It's pretty clear that this wasn't a free and fair election in the slightest. There's just literally no chance that the PRI came back to power fairly. It's as simple as that.

Then again, in a true democracy, it's not by any means a method by which the people choose their rulers, it is simply a means by which rulers claim to have the mandate of the people. In it all, it's just divine.

Another thing about the Mexican elections that I've noticed... There's no celebration anywhere. No one is celebrating that their candidate won. And I know that Mexico City is a leftist stronghold, but if someone was celebrating Pena Nieto's victory in any corner of the country, it would be shown on the television channels that supported him so much. Just as the tiny anti-Saddam rallies in Iraq were broadcast over and over again on American TV. Which does imply that no one, in the entire country, is happy about this.

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