Tuesday, July 31, 2012



So apparently this is a teaser for the new Superman movie.

I'm not entirely sure. I'm pretty sure that's actually a levi's commercial

But hey, can't be worse than Batman. I mean, shit. Christian Bale is the best Bruce Wayne... and yet the worst Batman. How can that even be?! Maybe it has to do with the part of any Batman movie where the Batman gets really mad and demands something in that god awful voice.

It's what you would call the Nathan Explosion voice.

Oh here's another Batman spoiler... Remember when Catwoman was all like, We will take back your money, Bruce! You will see! Viva La Revolucion! And then later the other lady who maybe was Harley Quinn or maybe someone else entirely, I don't know cause my memory is riddled with booze holes. But anyway, Catwoman suddenly grew some morals and ethics and was all like "This is not what I signed up for! This used to be a home!" and then her friend who was never defined was all like "This is what you wanted, get used to it as it's now everyone's home!"

Yeah.. the movie was utter shit. You see this prison... it's a tool of oppression.

*10,000 screaming maniacs with guns come running out*

I wonder if Zach Snyder will shit up Superman like Christopher Nolan did to Batman. Then again, no one can shit the man of steel up more than fucking lame ass Bryan Singer. Hope you dealt with your daddy issues, braw.

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