Thursday, July 26, 2012

Newsweek - Breaking News, it still makes me cringe

Newsweek - Breaking News, it still makes me cringe

And yet I still keep on watching it. Why? Because I can't stop writing about how god awful it is. Okay, that's not fair. The writing is god awful. The story, characters and everything else is interesting. It's just a shame that Aaron Sorkin is such a piece of shit writer.

Like, I think the following week's episode is called "No you need to... Here first you... oh for fuck's sake woman, I'll do it myself, christ you can't do anything right: Part 1" -- It'll go great along with S01E04: "No dear, there isn't a tiny man in the box reading the news"

Episode 5's title is just a short clip of Jeff Daniels sighing and turning Olivia Munn's book upright after she'd been reading it upside down. The episode will deal with the Cute One™ and Indian Guy™ talking about Getting The Girl™ and high fiving each other after.

Later in the season when Alison Pill finally dumps her emotionally abusive boyfriend for the charming salt vampire there will be a sweet "morning after" scene where he helps her get dressed as she has been trying to put on her shirt like a pair of pants. Made that much more difficult because her underwear is already covering her face.


Just imagine a series where all the women n the newsroom are literally zombies shambling around and bumping into things and trying to eat their smartphones while the rest of the show is exactly the same. That's how the show is viewed through the eyes of Aaron Sorkin.

But then again, the chest thumping has been really annoying. Like, my god, in this past episode of the newsroom it was just man-card oozing. Emily Mortimer was made fun of because she apparently can't do subtractions without using her hands to count and then the dudes in the producers meeting started describing the movie Rudy. You know, the movie that men are allowed to cry at.

Here I thought the movies men were allowed to cry at were Brian's Song and Iron Giant. Guess not. Men can't cry at Iron Giant cause it's a cartoon and only nerds are allowed to cry at that. Brian's Song, I guess it's okay to cry at, but man, Rudy is what you are always allowed to cry at.

Yes, that's actually something men believe. Like.. literally.

Truth be told, I've never actually seen Rudy. Guess I can't be a man!

Anyhow, the other aspect of the episode was about the Egyptian Revolution. It was really fucked up that they were showing, like, actual real footage that people shot and attributing it to character. Then the whole notion that you force a rebel/Egyptian citizen to take off his mask while his country is under a revolution is fucking retarded. But hey, I guess it's cause it came from the mouth of a woman -- the same woman who sent a mass e-mail to everyone in the company.. Cause, you know, Aaron Sorkin believes women are zombies.

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