Monday, July 9, 2012

No Bra Day

No Bra Day

This feels like an odd thing to have. I mean, generally you make days that are all about supporting one another. In this case, it's national no bra day -- a day to have a lack of support.

I dunno. Something just seems off by this day. Perhaps it's not my place to say, given that I don't have to walk around with something strapped to my chest to keep the ravages of time from unleashing themselves, but the complaining about unfit bras seems like it could be solved by simply... you know, getting an actual good fitting bra.

Let's take a moment to just think about it. Women's clothing is god awful. A size 7 in one companies dress is NOT a size 7 in a different clothing companies dress. This in itself is made to boost self esteem and get you to be a loyal customer to that line just to keep your mental health that you're smaller than you actually are.

This is in itself the problem. Can we forget for a moment about A, B, C, D, DD and beyond cups? I mean, breast are breast. They are all wonderful and they are all human. I guess the fixation on tits comes from social and media pressure to be the perfect body structure -- even if that's virtually impossible.

A bra shouldn't be a prison. No article of clothing should be. It should help you. Isn't that what a bra is, after all? A means to help support your breast. And while someone with an AA, A, B and sometimes even a C cup can go braless without any concern or any negative effect on their day. I highly doubt someone with a full C, D or beyond chest size could really take part in this day without having it look rather unsupported today. Never you mind even the potential of running without some support.

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