Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Fever

Olympic Fever

Thank god I got my shot and I'm immune to this bulllllllshit, cause man, the Olympics are all sorts of lame. Am I right? I mean, what's the goal here? Are the Olympics gonna show people that England truly is the capital of democracy and a pillar of freedom?

Olympics are all about having a place for nationalism and dumb shit like that. Then there's always the allegded doping cases. Cause, you know, cheating owns. So instead of a gold tallies or medal score or anything like that, why not just cut to the chase and make a beat on which nation is going to have the most cheaters and dopers on the team during the whole goddamn mess?

Where do we even start? How about the uniforms. Namely America's...

Oh. my. god. Are those the actual uniforms?! That's utterly amazing. It's incredible. This country... fucking hilarious. The 2012 U.S. Olympic team: Directed by Wes Anderson. I mean, shit. They literally have the polo guy on the blazer.

Then the reality kicks in that those are indeed the official uniforms and the shocking thing isn't that they look goddamn crazy, but that they were made in China. Yes, apparently it's a huge deal now that they were made in China. I mean, what in America ISN'T made in China?! I dare you to tell me. And it's not like the Olympics are being held in America. I don't get this complaint. China makes shit cheap. It's capitalism at its finest.

What should shock you more is that Dow Chemical is sponsoring the Olympics. Which just makes you feel all... well, not warm and fuzzy inside. Not that at all. Much like how the Olympics are watching you..

Always watching.

I mean, if the Olympics are good for anything, it's that you're able to cheer for the teams that aren't from imperialist nations. Other than that, I say we should abolish the Olympics. Nothing good can come of it.

The place that host the Olympics never get any real benefit from it. The Olympics are essentially the biggest scam around. Your location has to compete very hard towards getting the honor of hosting the Olympics and that's a lot of cash to spend for not much benefit other than bragging rights to the whole thing.

The England Olympics is said to be 100% over budget on the Olympics so far and the fucker hasn't even started. Security and all that shit is costly and what do they get in exchange? More tourist? Yeah... you know people were going to England for vacation even without the fucking Olympics.

I guess it does give you the right to be complete pricks and fascist when it comes to the Olympic rights.

Side note: If you're going to watch the Olympic ceremony, remember that everything "inspiring" or "iconic" or "traditional" about it was invented by the Nazi's and we were too broke to change anything in 1948

In other words, fuck the Olympics. I'm out.

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