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5 Foot 9 - Does Not Have A Posse

5 Foot 9 - Does Not Have A Posse

Where his dogs at, yo? I mean, I read all over the place that he has a posse. Where were those homies when he got his punk ass beat? Man, I guess those folks weren't Obeying anything cause Shepard Fairey was beaten up.

Shepard Fairey's widely acclaimed "Hope" poster in support of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign has gained him international renown, but an apparent misunderstanding recently caused Danish leftists to view him as a pro-government propagandist. Now Fairey and a colleague are recovering from a beating by two men who accosted him outside a Copenhagen nightclub last Saturday, accused him of being an "Obama illuminati," and told him to "go back to America."

"I have a black eye and a bruised rib," Fairey told the Guardian.

Fairey explained that the attack was sparked by confusion over a mural he painted to commemorate the controversial 2007 demolition of a youth house that had been used as a base by Copenhagen's left-wing community. The painting, on a building adjoining the still-vacant site, depicts a dove and the word "peace."

According to Fairey, the mural was commissioned by a Copenhagen art gallery that is holding an exhibit of his work, but Danish media falsely reported that it was done for the city council. As a result, Danish activists believed it was being used to paper over continuing conflict between them and the political establishment, and it was quickly vandalized with graffiti reading "no peace" and "go home, Yankee hipster."

Aww, look at his work.

Peace, my Danish friends, peace even though the government tears down your community hall. Peace.
*Touches your lips softly with a single paint-stained finger*

I know I just did a piece about Art in the Street last week, but god damn is Shepard Fairey a shithead. That whole piece looks like some Christian newsletter clip art. He probably got it off some bulk pack Easter cards or something.

I can't make it out via the image size, but I'm guessing that the little circle above the PEACE letters in the mural is the same symbol he uses to advertise his fashion line and poster sales. Ha! Thanks for the free billboard space, Denmark.

May I advocate to beat Shepard Fairey every day? Before you get all angry at me, just ask yourself if this isn't that guy who plagiarized a bunch of communist propaganda and claimed it as his own art And the answer is simple:

Yes, yes he was.

Though I guess it's silly for anyone to get worked up about artist "copying" each other in this modern 2011 age. But I have to say, Sheperd is a capitalist piece of shit. He uses the images to simply have something to stick his logo on and sell, that's the extent of his contribution aside from a different color scheme.

This image is so perfect though. It's also directly across from a place the serves 12 dollar organic hamburgers. So.. yeah, way to preach to those who would start the revolution. Besides that, a daisy in the barrel does not in any way prevent a gun from firing. Perhaps the first round's accuracy will be slightly affected, but it's only significant at long range and the second is still going right where you aimed it.

Make sure to note that I didn't just steal this image from anywhere, but I got it from the acclaimed Pinoy Humor Blog. Great jobs guys. You know what isn't funny? Shepherding Faeries. That seems like it'll be fairly more difficult than herding cats.

But I've heard Shepard say how Obey was this bold in your face statement of authority that made people think. Yeeeaaahh. He's very stupid and also very rich. Much like the client that he seems to cater to. I mean, it's not in front of every Urban Outfitters that you see his work, now is it?

Guess someone wasn't Obeying shit indeed. And this notion of people seeing his work and then questioning authority? Really now, how much more bullshit can be spewed out?

I an picture it now with a little capitalist boy looking at a sticker and thinking to themselves "Oh wow... Obey? Why is this poster telling me to obey? Wait! What if there is a hidden message. Maybe he is telling me to not obey? I can decide NOT to obey?! Oh man, that's so crazy!"

At which point this little capitalist turns to a hard core communist. This is really just a mild expression and only used because street art is seen as an illegitimate "low art", while more bourgeois forms of cultural appropriation go completely criticized

Just look at the below piece that was later vandalized because Shepard is Shepard.


That twisted cock is god damn hilarious. Nice little jab at Shepard. So you see, it's not only the Danish who think he's a piece of shit. But hey, if only you could see more of what was under there before Shepard covered it.

The image above that originally was there was so much better. But I guess some steaming heap of photoshopped lifted communist poster art is better for property values from a highly praised Andre the Giant fan.

In general I dislike him for being a no-talent hack that's made a lot of cash entirely through the thinnest of pseudo-leftist veneers, not inspired by or sampled from propaganda works, but entirely lifting pieces that in all those instances were created and given to the public sphere to promote a political viewpoint which he obviously barely cared to educate himself in, much less make any kind of additional comment about with the soap box of his work besides filing for copyrights on it and marking as completely his own.

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