Sunday, August 21, 2011

Steven Seagal Is A Piece of Shit

Steven Seagal is a Piece of Shit

I mean, you've seen his show on A&E where he bust into a Mexican's home with Sheriff Joe on a tank. So how the fuck does that same person in the 2010's say this when he had this speech in 1994

To go to this:

A show all about busting up brown people. Though I guess that's not where this all began, let's go back to his shitty film career.

And what a shitty career it is...

Maybe I just find his puns to be so god damn awful - and that's saying something given the amount of puns I spout out on a daily basis..

In short.. Fuck this guy.


Sarahwitch said...
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Sarahwitch said...

Steven who?