Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why So Blue, Superman?

Why So Blue, Superman?

Today is a very special day. It's the last day for a while that Superman wears his red undies on the outside of his pants. Yeah, crazy. They've changed his costume around for the comics as well as giving 51 other comic books a slight, if not extreme make-over. And unlike the excitement that Extreme Make-over Home edition gets, not so many people are all that thrilled about it when the bus moves out of the way here.

And for those who thought you would be able to see him in the films with the underwear on.. Sorry to say but you're going to have to do with out. The following pictures surfaced of the Man of Steel's latest movie role:

These images confirm that Supes doesn't wear the red underwear in the film. Basically showing that DC has got it locked down on keeping quality control all over various mediums. On a side note, I'm not sure if that's Henry Cavill or a stuntman, but if it is, the guy got properly stacked for his role as the man of steel. Look at Henry Cavill as Clark Kent here.

I do have to say that even with this very strange perspective, the suit looks a little okay without them. I'll be honest, I'm hurt that they're not on superman because I think that it helps break the blue of the suit up into different sections. But the way it's been done looks alright for the most part. I think it's a better looking costume than what we got out of Green Lantern for certain.

The only question to wonder is who the hell the motion capture suited guy is and why he has a pole taped to his head. The answer to that is so that Superman can have line of sight to the eye point for when he's delivering his lines. And since we're on the topic, What's up with Faora's armor? It's sort of vampirish and something out of what you expect to find in a BLADE flick.

Then again, I guess it makes sense for the story they are going to shoot to telling with General Zod as the main villain. Which will also go with giving him a sort of black leather MAD MAX style armor suit. It would match the drawing by Jim Lee of General Zod...

In any case, R.I.P., Red over pants. You were a trusted friend and Superman couldn't have been super without you

So what is causing the DC Universe to change? A story that comes out tomorrow named Flashpoint where Barry Allen goes back in time and screws things up. Much like Homer with that time traveling broken toaster. It's all a sorted mess and I'm sure it'll eventually be... well, no. It's not going to be fine. But it'll just be.

I don't get why DC thinks that this sort of action of tooling around with all of the properties will be somehow a good thing to bring in new readers. Do they not remember how bad things were before Crisis on Infinite Earths? Do they not see how they alienated new readers themselves? Maybe COIE wiped out everyone who worked at DC's memory of the previous state of comics.

At some point there was three Clark Kents in the comic world. One of them that didn't even know Lois Lane or puberty, one was married to Lois and the other was never Superboy. It was all sorts of confusing when they tried to make them cross over. But hey, that's all going to change, right. RIGHT?!

At least the good to come out of this is something that I agree with Newsarama about. In that there's going to be a lot of really terrible comic stories driven over and never to be mentioned again. But hey, before we go silently into that dark light, let's take a look at the top ten moments of the DCU that we're all glad will be gone in... 36 hours?

10) Bart Allen: From a boring Kid Flash to a corpse Flash to a Black Flash
9) Kal-El and Barda Make a Porno
8) Superman goes for a walk and acts like a dick to America
7) JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justice.
6) Batman's pee-pee pants
5) Dick Grayson is one, two, three times raped
4) Does Kyle Rayner have a panic attack whenever he opens a refrigerator now?
3) Jason Todd got... punched back to life?
2) Cat: A weapon for the 21st century
1) The first comic book I ever read, Identity Crisis, was the worst thing about the DC
Yup, they pretty much nailed everything that was wrong with DC. Only the problem is that in another 6 months time, there will be equally as bad stories that will be begging to get wiped off the face of the comic earth.

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