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Panic In The Streets of London

Panic In The Streets of London

If you're not up on current events, the current situation in London can be summed up in this song:

No wait. That's not really an accurate song to start this story off. Not at all. It seems that we're well past that part in all of this of just having simple panic in the streets. Now it's full on Anarchy...

That's really the only way to describe what has been happening for three nights. Utter chaos and destruction of private property by looters and rioters (though they aren't calling them that). So really, if there was ever a time that there was Anarchy in the U.K, it has to be now.

Rioting is currently spreading all over Liverpool's grove street, Bristol and Manchester are also getting hit hard. For for those of you unfamiliar with the lay out wondering how close is all this crazy rioting in proximity to where the rich people are, the answer is nowhere. Though I think I heard one report about it reaching Notting Hill. Which I'm sure you recall from that sill Hugh Grant film.

Hayes in West London reported that lots of sirens in the area and an unmanned police station in Birmingham was set on fire. If you want to see how real this shit is getting, just check out this video:

Those cheeky bastards 'boot to giv'em a jolly good wankerin' oi guynah! If you're wondering what that noise is at the end, it's one of those crowd dispersing noise machines that torture everyone in it's way.

To put it into perspective, 225 people have been arrested and 36 charged so far after three full nights of rioting, arson and looting. Hell, during the student protest in March, 201 people were arrested, 149 charged, 138 of them the UK uncut protesters scooped up in Fortnum and Mason.

It goes to show you that the Coppers are just a bunch of cowards and liars who cannot handle people who refuse to play by their rules. So I really do wonder if Cameron is just going to call in the army on all this.

Though honestly, when a fire reaches that huge in size, I just start worrying about innocent bystanders. Another thing, I discovered today that insurance companies typically deny all claims caused by riots. Though I guess if I thought about it, it really isn't surprising. If revolution was covered by insurance, then companies would hire Maoist guerillas to destroy subsidiaries in areas where cost of labor was too high.

So I guess the question you're wondering now is how this whole thing started. Apparently the police killed a guy in what was initially reported as an "exchange of fire" - Strangely enough, the one bullet allegedly fired by the victim ended up lodged in a police radio. The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) ignored the family and so they and others marched to Tottenham police station hoping to get some answers from a senior police officer. Though no one wanted to talk to them.

Later on it kicked the fuck off and a good dozen police mobbed a 16 year old woman and beat the shit out of her. At which point a bunch of stuff got set on fire, including two police cars and a bus.

It eventually turns out that the bullet lodged in the police radio is probably a police issued bullet, and the gun found on the scene of the shooting was stuffed into a sock, bringing into question the whole idea of an "exchange of fire". Then there has been another few nights of rioting, this time all across London.

Other factors come into play. The British Poll tax was apparently different from the one they used to use. And it looks like it was just a flat fee per person across the country designed to just fuck the poor generally. Not actually a tax on voting designed to fuck blacks specifically. It's also what eventually led to Thatcher's downfall after she continued to back it in the face of a 95% opposition. Either way, that shit was just another log that caused this fire to grow even bigger.

Though many locals dismissed the socio-economic explanations for the riots saying things like this:
"We are going to get people blaming the economy and what happened last week but that's not the real reason this happened," said Brixton resident Marilyn Moseley, 49. "It's just an excuse for the young ones to come and rob shops."

But even if it's a silly excuse to blow shit up, it does make you think. Even the British still riot when the police murder someone. There really is no hope for America. I mean, I wish people rioted every time a police officer shot someone here unjustifiably. The only problem is that these guys are failing to follow the rules that most rioters seem to forget - DON'T TRASH YOUR COMMUNITIES! Trash there communities. How hard is it to remember that?

Also, I have to say fuck twitter and everything about it. I've never actually really paid much attention to it before and seldom ever look at it, but it looks like it's full of dumb people with bad opinions.

Why yes, pray for Londoners to give Bobby a right bollocking, Mate! I don't know who started the #prayforlondon hash tag, but it's good to know that we didn't completely forget about that Japanese Earthquake a couple months back. Just look at stupid ass tweets like the following:

Then you have morons who seem to make their money on the backs of enticing riots and civil unrest to happen for nothing more than bodies hitting the floor and whatever other stupid songs they now place on KROQ.

And then.. there's something worse. Something like this I didn't think I'd get emotional over this, but now I'm sobbing. The place where DH2 premiered is now burned to the ground. #PrayForLondon

THE HORROR! Though when I was watching Al Jazeera last night they did say something that shocked me greatly. The woman on there was literally arguing that the fires have a silver lining because they could then build nice shiny new apartments and cafes for the upcoming Olympics. Why yes, creative destruction. I take it you folks took your cue from Wall Street.

I guess it's simple to say that Al Jazeera really went down hill over the past year. I guess the turning point was the Arab Spring and the huge number of new viewers they must have got from it.

All that is left is to wonder what the odds of reprisals against minorities will be. Let me help you take a guess - the vast majority of them.

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