Saturday, August 6, 2011

Too eXXXtreme

Too eXXXtreme

So this past week had the X games show up into town. This is a huge money maker for ESPN. The company that just seems to print money these days.

I don't know about you but I can't really get excited for all these X-games. The X is suppose to stand of Extreme but I have a long standing hatred for anything that markets itself as something that is extreme. It never lives up to the promises that it makes for itself.

I mean, you really can't call yourself Extreme when your female motor sports event goes a little something like this...

Oh, don't act too surprised. I mean, it's a given. Besides, it's not as if the guys did much better though.

So yeah, the X games, or X17 came to a close in Los Angeles the other and now Figueroa is just the same ol crowded street, only now it doesn't have a bunch of skaters chilling out there just hanging out.

Maybe it's just me but we should up the ante on all this. Why stop at motor bikes going over stupid challenge courses. We should be having full on Running Man type of events. Where men hunt weaker men and the only victory you get is the satisfaction that you keep your life.

Otherwise, it's really not THAT extreme.

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