Monday, August 22, 2011

Muammar And Liberating Libya

Muammar And Liberating Libya

Finally Gadaffi is gone! I'm so glad! Finally the glorious tripartite pact of Bersculoni, Obama and Sarkozy can set things right in Africa! Gadaffi wasn't a genuine anti-imperialist anyway. In fact, he was kind of a flip-flopping asshole who found out too late that trying to cozy up with the west didn't work if they saw a more profitable alternative.

Score another victory for global neoliberalism. To the parade, gentlemne! Communism has been defeated once again in any one of its many forms. When will it ever learn? Then again, a Gadaffi victory would have also been a victory for neoliberalism, but that's neither here nor there. Let's all bask in the wonder that is a dictatorship falling. God is great and all that other stuff.

Did everyone miss Gadaffi becoming more and more friendly to America int he past years. I mean, it makes sense that we completely ignore that aspect of it. Besides, previously to Libya being on the news for its civil war, we could most likely not even find it on a map. I seriously have to question anyone's reasoning on thinking that Gadaffi was anything more than a pawn with funny clothing and a murderous paranoia

The entire narrative around Gaddafi from NATO's viewpoint was that he was an evil warlord and I guess he did go down swinging. But basically this whole NATO operation serves as both a domestic boon for the human rights discourse of Liberal 1st world governments as well as asserting the power of Africom. It has virtually nothing to do with Gadadffi's pro-capital/pro-imperialist polices. Remember when Gadaffi said that "If this [war] is about oil then I'm willing to renegotiate our contracts." I mean, does anyone remember any of that?

I just feel very bad for the poor suckers who think their lives are going to get any better now. I mean, do we know what the ideology is of the "rebels" here? I'd wager it's a capital-friendly Islamism is what it'll end up being. And thus, the real civil war can begin. Good luck to Shell, Goldman sachs and Al Quaeda in their future Libyan adventures.

I saw on various news sites many of the oil industry workers get interviewed who were celebrating claims that the west would modernize the industry and give them riches. Oh how wrong they are. It really is going to get pretty ugly.

You're really fooling yourself if you think that the new regime won't loot everything not bolted down and make things significantly worse for the Libyan people. When was the last time a government was overthrown by genuinely leftist people anyway? It has got to have been a while now.

I was actually hoping that the rebels would lose in all this. That is completely different from believing Gadaffi is some paragon of anti-imperialism who needed defending. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't rooting for him, but the rebels were a bunch of weaselly opportunists and they're probably going to dismantle their country to reward their NATO saviors soon.

But hey, I want my gas cheaper, better get it done, NATO.

All in all, there really is nothing to celebrate about the "takeover" of Tripoli. Poor people and average joe's were bled white through a civil war fueled by ethnic sectarianism and what will be left is a mass grave, and a state controlled by NATO funded olligarchs that will be unable to manage the economic crisis.

Worse of all, Congress hasn't even gotten a chance to vote on all this yet!

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