Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Shit, Sherlock

No Shit, Sherlock

So while watching Harry Potter and getting screwed out of not getting a Dark Knight Rises trailer, I at least got to see the new trailer for Sherlock Holmes. Enjoy it with me.

And before you ask, that is Noomi Rapace from the Dragon Tattoo/Girl who played with fire trilogy as the gypsy. That's also Jared Harris of Mad Men and Fringe playing Dr. Moriarty. Yeah, that's right - Richard Harris's son. Yes, Dumbledore.

You also can't forget another character showing up in this, even though they didn't show any of him in the trailer. Stephen Fry is in this flick as Holmes' brother Mycroft. But given that Mycroft shows up in all of 4 original Holmes stories, out of 60. Most people aren't going to know jack shit about him or even care about this. Though they do know of Professor Moriarty. Which is odd considering Moriarity is only actually in one story and only hinted at in another.

Mycroft has a lot more presence than Moriarity, and it's not just because he's fat. He was even featured in the BBC TV adaptation, "Sherlock" recently.

One of the best aspects was the chemistry between Holmes and Watson in the movie and the trailer indicates that this will continue. So I'm happy about that.

I also never understood the people who said the first movie wasn't "True" to the books. It's not like Sherlock Holmes really had a canon besides loosely defined periods of his life.

I really enjoyed the first movie and I'm hopeful that Moriarty will be better realized fleshed out. I'd actually like to see him showcase the vast intellect that made him the kingpin of crime and equal to Holmes own brilliance.

I have to say though, something was off with the way that the trailer ended. It seemed to be... strange. I wonder if you can tell me what's missing in this picture.

If you guessed a gun. You are correct. It was digitally removed from the trailer and at the end with the whole "get that out of my face" it was digitally moved away from Holmes' face.

It has to do with the MPAA not allowing guns either pointed at the camera or at other people. It's really so stupid but what are you going to do about it? You have Columbine to thank for that.

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